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Saturday, December 8, 2012

House Church (Otieno Nickson and Lucy On'gele)

On December 8, 2012 at noon, the Lord established a house church between Lucy On'gele and Otieno Nickson. The ceremony took place at a wedding hall near the University of Nairobi.

Kenya (Nairobi) UBF has three missionary families (Mark and Jacky Yoon, Livingstone and Lydia Chung, and Joshua and Pauline Lee). There are four shepherd families, and the Orieno and Ludy family is the fifth.

Kenya is the gateway to African nations. Most of flights to most of African nations go through Kenya Nairobi. She sits at a strategic location in the Great Lake Region of Africa.

To celebrate the wedding and pray for the married couple, three foreign delegates attended: Isaac H. Kim representing the U.S., Barnabas Kim representing Korea, and Albert representing Uganda.

About 25 from groom's side and a similar number of people from the bride's side attended the wedding. About 50 Kenya UBF members attended the wedding.

Pastor Mark Yoon officiated the wedding.

In his wedding sermon, Pastor Mark Yoon, said,

"Bwana asifiwe! Bwana asifiwe sana! (Praise God! Praise God!)
Today is one of the most meaningful days for all of us! Before we begin, I would like to introduce our main figures today:
Our gentleman Nickson Otieno graduated the University of Nairobi as an architect. Currently, he is the president of the World Student Community for Sustainable Development, and is invited to lecture in Kenya Politech University College. He is one of the smartest and most hard-working meey n ever to live in Kenya. Such a man is highly unlikely to only serve God! But during his campus life, he submitted his life to Christ. As astudent chairman of our ministry, he served God in campus evangelism and now has become very fruitful in leading a fellowship full of brothers.
Our lady Lucy O'gele also graduated Medical school in the University of Nairobi. Currently, she is a Level 5 Medical Doctor at Machakos District Hospital. She is one of the most charming and beautiful ladies ever to live in Kenya. Such a woman is highly unlikely to only serve God! But during her campus life, she dedicated her heart to serve Christ on campus evangelism. She also served once as a student vice-chair of our ministry. Currently, she serves many sheep and the UBF choir team.
 I asked them first if they had their own Bible passage to share in this wedding. In response, they chose today's passage Joshua 24:12-15. Let's read the key verse once again together. "But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord (15b).""

Parents from both sides are Christians.

Pastor Mark concluded the sermon with the exhortation that the couple would hold onto the decision to serve the Lord to the end.

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