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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Your Christmas Offerings

Uganda UBF 6th Healing Mission
In one of his emails dated March 16, 2013, Dr. Luke Lim confirms that the christmas offerings totaling $225,334 (collected from UBF worldwide including $17,000 from LA UBF) was transferred to the account of Bethesda Medical Clinic. 

They plan to use the offerings to purchase the medical equipment listed below. The total amount needed is about $750,000. During my visit to Uganda last February, at the board meeting, we discussed that given the shortage of fund, we can go for "used" equipment, but primarily left the matter with the judgment of the management headed by Dr. Luke Lim.
Uganda UBF 6th Healing Mission (surgery case)

Uganda UBF 6th healing mission (Feb 7-17, 2013)

Laboratory equipments
1. CBC Automatic hemagology analyser
Swelab Made in Sweden
20 parameters, 10,000 USD
2. Automatic Biochemistry analyser : CYANPro
made in Belgium  20,000 USD

Radiology equipments
1. Philips ClearVue 550 Ulatrasound system : Made in Netherlands
45,000 USD

Medical equipments
1. Endoscopy (Esophago grastro duodenoscopy) : 30,000 USD
2. Colonoscopy : 30,000 USD
3. Inpatients bed : 3,000 USD
4. General Surgery set : 2,000 USD

5. Eye Surgery set : 2,000 USD
Child care while doctors and nurses see patients 

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