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Friday, August 9, 2013

Bible Greece (Athens), World Campus Mission

Left to right - Lydia 20, Paul Jr 18, Pauline 17

Lydia and Paul

After the ISBC, the Missionary family in Athens Greece visited Los Angeles UBF (John Kwon).

John Choi hosted for them a lunch fellowship at the Tokyo Garden, a Japanese restaurant in Downey. Missionary Paul H. Lee, his wife Lydia, Missionary John Baek of El Camino, Missionary Andrew Moon of Perm, Russia, Rebekah Kim of LA and Isaac Kim joined the fellowship. Missionary Lydia and Elli Hopeman took Paul's three children (Lydia 20, Paul 18, and Pauline 17) to In and Out Burger Restaurant, and thereafter went for shopping for them.

Missionary Lydia said, "There are three kinds of messages: the message that comes from brain, the message from heart, and the message from the Spirit of God. The message from brain makes audience angry, the message from heart makes them feel good, and the message from the Spirit moves the audience to tears (of joy). And she added, "Missionary Paul serves sunday messages with God's Spirit, and his message belongs to the third category."

I was wondering what was the secret. So I asked Paul to share the secret. He kept silent. His wife Lydia said, "It is because he prepares the message wholeheartedly. Despite his physical illnesses [due to the work-related injury], he devotes the whole weekend fully to preparing the message. During the preparation his toes grow swollen, yet with the Spirit he prepares the message pouring out his soul to the Lord. Our children like daddy's messages the best."

[Paul used to work at a Chinese restaurant, but now he is running a tour business; His wife also supports the ministry through running a boarding house. It is hard to make a living in Greece. In order to come to the ISBC, they used all the money to pay for rent and utilities.]

In Athens UBF three persons take turns to serve the Sunday messages: Stamatis, Barnabas, and Paul.

Please pray for the house church for Shepherd Stamatis (32).

Contact  Infor: Lee h Paul/Lee Lydia (Athens) -;
(0030)6973341039; (0030)2107210223

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