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Friday, September 20, 2013

Bible Bonn, World Campus Mission

Bible Bonn/Europe and world campus mission
On August 20 Friday upon arrival at the cologne airport i took a bus bound for Bonn. The bus dropped me at the Bonn main bus depot where missionary sarah chang picked me up.
At the Bonn center they served a buffet lunch. According to Dr. peter chang he expects about 300 guests from different places (like CIS, Brazil, Korea, US. Ukraine) coming to celebrate the occasion (wedding followed by 33 years anniversary of Bonn ubf). Guests were still arriving. Around the eating table I had fellowship with people who were already there such as dr john jun, daniel yang, little sarah kim). Among those I heavily talked are the parents of the bride, a missionary to Moscow etc as listed below.

- Shepherd peter and Youngk choi the parents of the bride maria choi to be married to johannes chang (29 MD internal medicine, cellist): peter's grandpa graduated from a divinity school in pyungyang North Korea. Before the Korean war his parents moved to Inchun s Korea. Peter is a high-school teacher teaching sports. Peter and his wife serve the Lord at chongno ubf II.
Maria her first daughter responded to a missionary call at the 2009 European bible conference. In 2011 she went to London as a short term (6 months) missionary. Lately Holy (aka Happy) Maria spoke well of maria choi to dr Yohannes chang who in turn decided to marry her by faith.
- Barnabas kim of Moscow: he is the shepherd of jaekun park who is a shepherd of joseph byung-sun kim of Pepperdine. He has 6 siblings. He is wonjoo kim. his parents were unbelieving. His hometown is Kum-San, choong nam.
Once upon a time when the wife of his second elder brother visited a house of prayer a pastor looked at her and said "Buddhist monks are coming in and out of you. Go and pray for your salvation for 3 hours for 3 months." On further investigation she learned that unbeknownst to her upon her birth her parents had dedicated her to Buddah. Shocked by this discovery she started praying. At that time barnabas moved from his hometown to her house in seoul to attend a highschool. His sister-in-law then led him to a church in seoul.
Soon after he entered korea university majoring in Chinese literature. Then he joined the Korean military where he met jae-Kun park. After military service he came back to school. Then he was invited to Anam ubf. In one of the conferences he met Jesus as his savior personally. He led jae-kun park to bible study in Anam UBF.
Then 20 years ago he went to Moscow as a missionary. Along with his wife Lydia he is making a living out of textile trading. He has 4 children (Lydia 19 Monica 16 Paula 24 barnabas 13)
- Stephanus park: he is a full time staff member in Bonn ubf. In Bonn ubf 3 years ago 8 messengers formed a team to serve messages. 1. Peter Schweitzer (Anya); 2 Joachim dieter (Elke); 3 Stephen elsholtz (Deborah); 4 jochen Schweitzer (Priska); 5 petrus chang; 6 samuel yoo; 7 Stephanus park; and 8 dr peter chang
At 4:30 am the messengers meet at the center share daily bread pray together eat breakfast and then go to work. This lasted for the last three years.
- john park (MBA) of new jersey: before during and after the 2013 ISBC along with his wife Grace he hosted and served 150 plus foreign delegates of which 39 were from CIS. Before inviting second gens last summer he made an elaborate plan of eduction (common life, daily bread training, summer class, sports fellowship, visitation program for history education etc) contacted parents and motivated them to register.
With the vision of the bible New Jersey and world campus mission among the second gens he is now building a youth training center consisting of 35 units of 2 beds in front of the ruckus university with the construction cost of about $6 mil. Completion is due in 2014 January.

* Dinner fellowship
During afternoon hours I took a nap at the apartment of Peter Schweitzer. Then at the Bonn UBF center they served dinner (Korean Bibbab). Thereafter I had a long talk with Dr John Jun Dr peter Kim of Kiev John Park etc. Close to midnight Dr John Jun fell asleep on his seat so I called the meeting to rest, prayed and finished the meeting.

On the way back to Peter's apt I looked up to the sky saw full moon took a pic of Bonn night sky.

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