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Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy New Year from Missionary Nathan of Brazil

Merry Christmas Msn Rebekah.
How are you?
We are doing fine. Ataiena will go back to work in January and I am finishing my school study and  I am doing an interniship. Victoria and Elisa are growing well. Victoria is now 3,5 years old and Elisa is 4 months. Victoria is studying at french international school. Our Father gave her a scolarship for next year again.
Here is a picture we took last sunday after the CWS.
We miss you and msn Isaac We hope to see you again soon.

Merry Christmas again. May Christ peace and joy fill your heart this Christmas. 

In Christ,

Living Life to the Full

It is December 26, 2016. In a few days the New Year 2017 will arrive. 

At this moment it is my new year's wish and prayer that the Lord enables me to live a life that is full. And the life that is full means the life that lives fully on the full dimensions that is 20 dimensions as is seen in the Lord's prayer. 
  1. Our - I live by praying for and looking to the interests/wellbeing of us all, fellow human beings
  2. Heavenly - man is created to operate on the dimension of the Spirit (of God), then of the body and mind
  3. Father - Father is the originator, from whom life springs
  4. Hallowed be - the primary meaning of 'hallowed' is being independant of and therefore fully self-sufficient in terms of source of life
  5. Your name - name refers to the integrity associated with the characteristics of one's being, such as his power, love, holiness, mercy, righteousness
  6. Your kingdom - kingdom has to do with the domain where God the Father is the boss
  7. Come - this is interface
  8. Your will - will is the faculty by which one decides on and initiates action
  9. Be done - interface 
  10. Here on earth (as it is in heaven) - the earth which has four seasons in different continents and oceans with all the creatures such as trees, insects, animals
  11. Give (us) - interface
  12. Today - time called now (yesterday, today, and tomorrow)
  13. (Our daily) Bread - materials such as food
  14. Forgive (us) - relationship noting people thrive in peace
  15. Our sins - sin is what breaks the rules in which the creation thrives
  16. As we have forgiven our debtors - what man does and does not makes a difference
  17. Lead us not - prayer with a trembling heart
  18. Into temptation - the full meaning and its significance can be understood when we think about what Jesus had to go through right after he was baptized by John the Baptist
  19. But deliver us - In the book of Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy where the Israelites went through Exodus from the bondage to slavery and yet had to wander close to 40 years in the desert area, one can fully understand the signicance of the prayer topic
  20. From evil - Evil is live written backward, and the Devil knows this that the serpent tempted Eve to do what is evil.