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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Is your life leaky?

The world cannot hate you but it hates me because I testify that its work is evil. John 7:7

🤣 ROOF does not leak!

A while ago I bought an RV for $600 (not $60,000). It does not have an engine. It used to sit at a mobile home park in the west side area of Redding. I got it towed to the peace camp at IGO.
But about a month ago it started leaking: in the rear of the unit where there is the (only) tiny bedroom, there directly above there is an opening the size of 1 square foot. There used to be an openable ventilation but since it broke someone covered it up with a sheet metal and sealed up with some sort of caulking materials.  But now as it rained hard the sealed area got cracked up and started leaking like crazy, ruining the bed frame sheet cover blanket!

My immediate thought was: "finally this went useless; I've got to get rid of it." But if I do there is no better place to sleep! [It is the only place where the area is air tight during the night!] So with much hesitation I went up to the roof. And I got an idea. With one gallons of black tar the wet application which was left unused for nearly 2 years, and a wood stick I sealed off the area for an hour or so. Then I replaced wet everything (frame blanket sheet...) and cleaned the bedroom area put new(I mean used one I picked up from the street) frame and and new bed sheet and blanket. Then night fell temperature dropped down to 35 and it rained thunderous pounding on the tin roof, and lo and behold! IT WORKED; IT DOES NOT LEAK! (I was inside the blanket and comforter - king size, much worried for the leak. But now thank God. I do not need to throw this unit away!

😎🤔 What about your LIFE?

In John 7:7 Jesus uses the word "work", saying [I testify that its WORK is evil!]. The word "evil" is the word "live" written backward. You are born to live. But you get old spare parts break down here and there. It starts leaking! And you kick the bucket and collapse! It STOPS working!

😚👼👩‍🚀🎅🏃‍♂️💪Don't worry. Believe in Him!
Knowing that the life in this world does not work God the Father sent Jesus the One and only Son whose trade was a carpenter and builder, as the Lord and Savior to save people in the dying world.

For those who hear the voice "repent and turn to Him" he receives them works on them that all who come to Him may live and have life to the full! In him you find all of your sins (that causes your life leaky) forgiven and receive a brand new life, created to like god perfect in righteousness and holiness!

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