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Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Word Became Flesh

John Muir (click here for his wiki infor) at the age of 12  memorized the new testament Scriptures, and according to Wikipedia towards the latter part of his life memorized (almost) half of the old testament Scriptures.

He was a man of great strength (bodily) and vigor. In his backpack he kept only dry pieces of bread, a tin cup and tea. Eating meagerly he traversed miles after miles, mostly on foot, ranging from the most southern part of the Pacific Coast of the U.S. all the way to Alaska. A week ago after visiting a family in Seattle (Seattle UBF), I and Rebekah had time to visit Mt. Rainier. There at one of the top areas called Paradise trails started. I did the Skyline trail. At the trail head on the stairway was written a line John Muir wrote in his journals.

John Muir endeavored to preserve beauties of nature. He developed the John Muir Trail. It is owing to him that we came to see beautiful parks preserved like Yosemite.

It is said Muir tried to copy the lifestyle of John the Baptist who on seeing Jesus coming to him, "Look the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"

There  is the disciple of Jesus named "John" who later came to be known as the Apostle John the author of John's gospel.

The Apostle John wrote in his gospel on Jesus saying, "The Word Became Flesh." Jesus is the word who came in flesh. He not only memorized the Word but also lived the Word. And John says He IS the WORD. And no matter what other say, we say, It is Jesus the Word who made beautiful trails like that of the Skyline Trail on Mt. Rainier.

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