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Monday, December 21, 2015

Riga (Latvia) UBF Christmas Worship Service

Missionary Timothy Kang shared the good news - the birth of the Savior whose name is Jesus. MAT 1:21
After the service they ate Korean food like deokbokki.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Bible Botswana (prayer for the healing of Missio^^ )

On Dec 11, 2015, at 8:09 PM, Hee Tae Chung <> wrote:

Dear shep Anreas!

I am Timothy Chung of Botswana. I pray that God may bless new year Africa Bible conference in Cape town mightily and fill all the attendants with his word of life. I also pray that God bless your faithfulness and love through this conference.

I and my family expected to attend this conference by car. but this Tuesday around 2-3 am, an event unexpected happened to us. Two(?) robbers broke into the yard of our house and broke the 1st door of the living living, trying to break the 2nd. i heard the noise and saw this. i hurried up to block them from entering, calling my wife and children. My wife and i kept blocking and my son called the police. then one of them went to the windows to break them. feeling urgency, i kicked the windows with my left leg, breaking them. then they ran away. however i saw a deep wound in my leg, from where much blood kept flowing. i went to the kitchen and took towels to wrap the wound. i saw the blood all around the living room and kitchen. even in the ambulance and at the hospital, blood did not stop coming out. the doctors said the vein, artery and tendons were cut. they took one and half hours for operation. Thanks to God I did not need blood transfusion and the surgery was done well. one day later, i came back home. i must remain in the cast at least for 6 weeks.

My wife and children cannot attend the conference. And as for me, if i take the airplane alone, i worry about how to carry the baggage on crutches. Please pray for my journey or probably for the journey of my family to cape town. We also pray for the security of my family. We thank God for his protection and for the prayer of his servants. We decide everything as early as possible and inform you.

May God give you all necessary wisdom to prepare for the conference.

Timothy Chung