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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We have been praying to reach out to the 55 African nations. In 15 nations UBF has harvest workers reaping the harvest so there are 40 countries that are yet to be reached out such as the following:

Ivory Coast (Abidjan) 21,952,093 (population);
Mali (Bamako) 14,533,511;
Gambia (Banjul)1,840,4543;
Burundi (Bujumbura) 10,577,259;
Gunea (Conakry) 10,884,958;
Benin (Cotonou) 9,598,787;
Senegal (Dakar) 12,969,606;
Cameroon (Douala)20,129,878;
Sierra Leone (Freetown) 5,485,998;
Togo (Lome) 6,961,049;
Angola (Luanda) 18,056,072;
Liberia (Monrovia) 3,887,886;
Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou) 17,275,515.

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