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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Does Your Money/Life Saving Idea Work?

A lot of psalms were [allegedly] penned by David. In many of them such as Psalm 140 and beyond, he cries out for help, for obviously he was put through ordeals, hardships. da. da. da... all sorts of testing moments. His whining, crying, complaining, kicking and screaming like crazy, turn into songs of praise saying in Psalm 144 "Praise be to the Lord my Rock who trains my hands for war, my finger for battle."

What then is war? Hmm... A good question. Sun Tsu, one of the ancient Chinese military strategists opined: War is a deception. Reportedly Napoleon subcribed to the idea (we are told he kept Sun Tsu's book, The Art of War always close to him throughout the battles).

David a seasoned war-vetran seems to concur, for even as he praises the Lord, he prays, "Rescue me from the mighty waters, from the hands of foreiners..." What does "mighty waters" refer to? Tsunami that will hit LA/California sooner than later, as Bob Jones, the self-appointed prophet of St. Louis (or Atlanta?), prophesied? Wait! What about the "foreingers"? Who are they? Aliens infading the planet earth?

If Sun Tsu, Napoleon, or David is right, it has something, if not everything, to do with 'deception', for David further cries out, "Deliver me from [the foreiners] whose mouths are full of lies, whose right hands are deceiptful..." Stop right there. What about their 'right' hands? Well, you figure it out.

So the world (cyber world or non-cyber world) is inundated with the mighty waters of untruths, no truths, half truths, straight lies, and all other sorts of lies. Flood, flood, flood. Thusnami, Tsunami, Tsuuunnnammiii... [Does the expression 'the great prostitute sitting on many waters' seem familiar?]

What then is a money saving and life saving idea? Well, it apepars that Japanese people who often get swamped by waves of tsunamies know it better, for according to the one of the Japanese saying, "The one who gets deceived is worse than the one who deceives." So when you are tempted to say, "The devil made me do it", you may wish to reconsider.

Jesus also has his own Money saving, Yea, Life saving idea: "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life." All three in one, and only one. John 14:6

But first thing first - way leading to the truth leading to life. Which way? This way: Pro 27:21; 17:3; Malachi 3:2, and then the link entitled "Refiner's Fire" [to come]. Have a nice day.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Your GPS system is not omnipotent/omniscient!

In my recent visit to a friend of mine in San Jose, in order to find the route from the airport to his place, I gave the system the address (I checked the accuracy of the input three times), and yet it led me to 101 S and a wrong exit; my friend grew impatient, and called me saying, "Where are u?" "I am on 101S looking for the exit to the city of Mountaiview [of San Jose]". He said, "You are on the wrong direction: get off, go back onto 101 N. until you hit this or that". The dinner appointment was at 7:30 p.m. but due to the mix-up, we ended up having it at 11:30 p.m. Luckily there was a Korean restaurant which was still open.

The path of life leads upward for the wise to keep him from going down to the grave [or hell]. Pro 15:24

Life's journey can be challenging, esp. due to the difficulty in finding the right path, even more challenging than for a lay man to find the path from the Planet Earth to the Kepler 22b [which is supposedly 600 lightyears away from the earth].

Is there any way to find the path of life "above"? Are there any systems available in the market? If there are any, are they error free?

Apparently King David found one who (or which) is totally error-free, for the customer reviw (as posted by David) states the system IS omnipotent and omnicient. You do not need to get the system updated. :-)

What is truly cool about the Navigation System David subscribed to is that it finds you out when you are lost (and therefore in trouble), and gets you back home safe!

For further infor, go to Psalm 138, check out the meaing of the words in diff. translations, and try to find answers to the questions like:

* What do the following words [NIV Readers' Version] have in common? - see, preserve, stretch out, save, and vindicate

* How does David describe the path-finder in vs. 1-2?

* What difference [in the way for David to meet the challenges of life] did the discovery make? (v. 3)

For further discussions use the comment section.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Transformer - The Thing of Beauty

My Toyota RAV4, like any cars, has an ignition coil which is essentially a transformer,transforming 12v from the battery to 20k to 50kv, enough to fire up the gasoline to run the motor. As the motor runs, the car (automobile) rolls, so you can go anywhere like Subway or In-n-out burgur for lunch (or dinner).

Cell phone battery charger (off the wall unit) does the opposite - converting 120v to 7v so the phone would not expode.

What about a 'life' transformer? How does it work? Electric transformer comes with three components - incoming wire, outgoing wire, and the core. But what about the way to get your life transformed, not in a way that is stepped down, but stepped up?

Yes, the path of life leads upward for the wise to keep him from going down to the grave. But how does it happen in real life?

The man called Jesus (or Yehoshua) from the town of Nazareth died and rose again, totally trnasformed (or stepped up, if you will). Then he ascended and is now seated somewhere (at the right hand of the Most High). How did he ascend? There were a solid number of people who saw him going straight 'up' into the sky. We do know that when you light up a candle the flame goes straight up. But how did Jesus go straight up, until he was no longer visible to man's naked eyes?

Apparently an Apostle had the answer: Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Hmm... Renewing of mind?! (Romans 12:1-2) Elsewhere he says "You were taught to put old self, to be made new in the attitude of your mind, to put on the new self which is created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness!" Wow! A transformation? Lo and behold. If anyone is in Christ, the old has gone the new is come! But how does this happen? What does it mean to be "in Christ"? What does it mean to be "made" new in the atittude of your mind and my mind? Check "Knowing the Christ the right way" or "Be Thankful" at