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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

"Learn from me" (Matthew 11:29)

Towards the end of his life the Apostle Peter said, "grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus." 2 peter 3:17-18
How does one grow up? It comes through learning.
Thus Jesus said: "Come to me and learn from me..."
Jesus provided us with sources from which to learn in abundance, that is:
- Jesus himself
- his life and his teachings as recorded in the Scriptures like four gospels
- examples of those who learned from him such as his apostles like Peter John Paul etc. (as they left writings/epistles)
- Living exmples of the saints of the past and present, and much more.
Lately in this internet age the Lord made available on line great lectures sermons and seminars, discussions, articles, talk shows etc., all at our finger tips.
Yesterday I watched on Youtube a few on line talk shows featuring korean professor Hyung Suk Kim. He is 100 years young. He received the Lord at the age of 14 and learned from the Lord for 86 years (100-14 = 86). In a talk show (find the link below)  he shares three stages of growth (of faith).


P.s.   A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in airing his opinion. Prov 18:2;

Walking with three people, I find my teacher among them. I choose that which is good in them and follow it, and that which is bad and change it. -- Confucius

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