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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Lesson from a bald headed woman

According to Isaiah the first disease a woman with a haughty spirit will suffer from is 'sores' on her head. To drive the point home, Isaiah further says that for such a woman the Lord will make her scalp bald. 3:16

Why is it that if any woman becomes haughty, the first problem she is to suffer is the breaking out of sores on her 'head'? What does it mean that the Lord will make the woman's head 'bald'? And what is the connection between a woman becoming haughty and her getting bald-headed?

I think we can find the answer to the question in 1 Corinthians 11:3 where it is said that the head of every man is Jesus Christ, and the head of woman is man.

God (Jesus Christ) created Adam (man), and woman was made out of Adam's rib. So the order is: Christ comes first, then Adam, then Eve. The way man's life (woman's life) thrives is woman rooted in man rooted in Jesus Christ. There is a line of stream of life that runs from head to head to head.

For a body (life) to function head is the most critical. In the first place, head ought to be 'attached' to man's body (or more correctly body ought to be attached to the head), for as God put man's head above shoulders, from head runs spine and the rest of bodily parts operate as the head commands, and man's body functions this way even without himself or herself having to be conscious of the functionalities.

This alludes to the meanings of the sores breaking out or the Lord causing a haughty woman to go bald, because:

- As used in the Bible woman (in Zion) stands for God's children (the word woman is used to convey the message that all men are 'dependent' on their maker for life, just as a woman is dependent on her husband(man), just as it is said in the Bible that God calls himself a husband to the Israelites,, first daughter, then bride.

- By way of being haughty, woman (we, the children of God or his 'dependents') chose to desert the Lord God and become independent, only to run short of life, so that as she loses the cover on her head, her head begins to show the signs of mal-nutrition.

The message for you and me is to live by faith in the Lord, putting absolute trust in Him, just as my bodily parts trust and obey what the head desires,

And our faith ought to be such that we are to be fully attached to the Lord, so it is the Lord who lives in and though us, not the other way around, just as Moses said, "Love the Lord, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him, for the Lord is your life!" Deu 30:20

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He is our peace... Eph 2:14

Second Day of U.S./Canada Staff Conf. Sept. 29, 2012

At 9:00 a.m. the second day of conference began with Dr. James Rabchuck moderating.    Pastor Teddy Hambekkides gave an opening message on Ephesians 2:14, Jesus removing the diving wall, making one new man out of the two (Jews and Gentiles). 

Discussion followed on the meaning of the Apostle Paul talking about the dividing wall of hostility. 

Dr. Joe mentioned what he observed by running a website (UBF friends) that is deep hostility that exists between those who left UBF and those who remain. 

Dr. Jim talked about what Dr. Becky (the daughter of Missionary Isaac H. Kim)  mentioning about conflicts other church organizations have. On hearing her, Dr. Jim asked Dr. Becky, "How many churches survive?" Apparently Dr. Becky said, "Not many."  So Dr. Jim said we in UBF ought to make a lot of efforts for it is not an easy task. 

Elijah Park said, "We need to admit that we are all sinners." Then he said, "We can remain humble." 

But Sharon Schafer said, "Admitting one's condition as a forgiven sinner is not enough; we do need to make efforts to understand each other." She also said we not only need to acknowledge our own sin before God, but the church must  have some way of dealing with corporate sin. She spoke of there being many individuals who are hurt and have no one in their  fellowship  to go to.

Dr. Abraham T. Kim said, "In UBF ministry many are Koreans who are in leadership positions so these 'Korean' leaders ought to take the initiative to open up dialogues. 

Dr. Paul Hong quoted the Apostle Paul who said, "I am not ashamed of the gospel." He asked, "Are we ashamed of UBF?" He asked the same question to some of the shepherds in Toledo. Some said, "I am." Then Dr. Paul realized that in order for us not to be ashamed of being in the "UBF" ministry, we as an organization ought to be "Christ-centered." The walls of hostility do not go up all of a sudden. They keep being built up over time. To reconcile and thereby remove the walls of hostility, we need to pray a lot and then communicate. 

Jacob Lee: in his house there is one TV. His grand-daughter likes to watch Dora. His son likes sports. Jacob the grandpa wants to watch something else. Since he loves his children, while his children insist on what they like to watch, he curbs his selfish desire, and let them watch what they like. 

Dr. Joe mentioned, "When conflicts arise we need to resolve them upfront with honesty." 

Pastor Mark Vucekovich said that our core motivation should not be business-mindedness like making people to be UBF members. Rather we need to lead people to Jesus Christ and his kingdom.  When our motive is right, people feel it. 

Shepherdess Deborah Ward said that many Koreans feel their way is superior. That does tend to feel oppressive and stifle motivation to co-work.

Then at 10 a.m. we took a break by singing Hymn 453 "Nothing but the Blood." 

At 10:15 a.m. the meeting was reconvened. 

Daniel Yang talked about 'hurt' on a personal or corporate level. On a personal level we need to ask God for his healing. On a corporate level, we need to set up a convention on the core values like mission statement. 

Dr. Bento said, "It is not a good idea for a human shepherd to replace Jesus, for Jesus is perfect, a human shepherd is not. The hardest sin to overcome is legalism." 

Dr. James Kim appreciated Dr. Joe and Dr. Bento talking about the "corporate" sins of UBF such as authoritarian's way of leadership. 

Dr. Henry asked, "Okay, then what are we to do to solve the conflicts? For example what is the responsibility of a regional director?" 

Dr. James said, "Since Dr. Samuel Lee passed way, a lot of people tend to be afraid of losing Dr. Samuel Lee's legacy. From now on we need to study the word God newly and use all the creativity God has given us." 

Dr. Abraham T. Kim thanked for people participating and people's prayer for himself. 

* Decisions made at the IEB (International Executive Board): Feb. 24, we met and decided how to allocate and distribute Christmas offerings. Terms of national directors: 4 years. National and chapter directors can be reappointed. Some chapter directors are founders, so if desired they can work as honorary directors. Bigger chapters are encouraged to form a pastoral body which by the way should not replace the chapter directorship. As of Dec. , 2012, total UBF sunday worship service was 8,641 (Korea accounting for about about 50%, then U.S. then Asia, etc.) Korea decreased in number, with U.S. and other parts of the world growing up in no.. Leadership development, transfer of leadership, and Raising second gens are important prayer topics. Overseas offerings savings: $4.3 million (all offerings from outside of the U.S.) - to be frozen for missionaries and staff members in dire need. From now on the board allowed the General Director to use part of the Overseas offerings. 

Continental director is to be called continental coordinator. Canada is a nation but itself is a continent. National director's title is to be called national coordinator.

2012 Christmas offering is to be dedicated to remodeling Uganda Hospital for about $50k.

Feb. 10, 2012, Ethics committee was established to handle grievances or ethical problems that might arise. Members can raise legitimate questions which can be channeled through the committee where Dr. Agustin Sohn and Dr. Alan Wolf would be serving as the chair and vice chair, with Dr. John Armstrong working as a consultant. 

We started the Midwest staff education program. About 40 staff members started studying theology.

Founders' day committee members were appointed: continued record of history by nations; preserve UBF core values; develop UbF theology; study theological questions. Dr. Jim said instead of the word preserve use the word examine. Dr. Charles Kim and Dr. Abraham K. Lee will serve as chair and vice chair. Other assistants were appointed. Oct. 11, 2013 there will be a one and a half day program on Founders day with theme "back to the Bible."

Junior staff meeting was initiated. 

WELL coordinators and vision team were established. Dr. John Yoon and Dr. Mark Yoon work together. Building a working relationship among young people based on their own motivations is a bright thing to do. 

This year they will have a two day Well meeting. Dec. 27-28, 2012.

First women conf. was initiated with Shepherdess Liz along with Christy Toh and Dr. Helen working together.

One year  internship program started among the second gens like Sarah Little Lee and others.

Bible study material team meet with Dr. Mark Yang, and his colleagues. Thee are two teams: A and B. Both teams are meeting every week. 

UBF archive committee was initiated with Ab. K. Lee volunteering. Any historically valuable materials will be directed to him, with Nehemiah Kim of Kwangjoo UBF coordinating. 

Next, CME education is initiated in Europe by Dr. John Jun in July. 

Dr. Abraham Kim works to support regions, with Kevin Alright working as an education staff, with Dr. Augustine working as a professor in theology. HQ and regions will have to work together, esp.  in regard to the  itinerant work schedule. 

New Development of website: HQ hired a part time website manager, esp. to develop the 2013 Int'l conf. on line registration program. Dr. John Jun also developed a program where all senior staff members in each chapter can load up all of the teaching materials like messages etc. This will be a data bank for lectures, articles, etc.

End of Oct. leadership development conf. to come - Pastor Ron reported that Oct. 25-28 there will be a leadership development workshop. This time we will cover the second samuel, "You will shepherd my people" among people between 25-35 in age. We also will cover 2ti "A worker approved by God" in two lessons (2Ti 2; 3-4). Pastor Ron will work together with his coworkers. This time the program will be a workshop format with four themes: message, discipleship, purity, and spiritual gifts coming in four breakout sessions run by different leaders, aimed at producing leaders. Chapter directors ought to recommend along with a not more than one page testimony (my spiritual journey); the cost is $120 per person including food.  Location - Chicago center. Those who come out of Chicago will be housed for free in housings around the Chicago center.  For details check website:\discipleship

Pastor Mark talks about US.Canada staff conf. to be held in Pennsylvania next Feb. 2013, on Ephesians 3 (building a healthy community, maturity and relationships, etc.)  

In regard to the Internal Bile conf. proposed program has been sent out, which is based on John 13, upper-room dialogue, title "So loved", for Jesus said love one another as I have loved you. We need to renew the love of Jesus in our hearts. This is the most important message young folks are in need of. The idea is not  only to receive love but learn how to love, which are also  intended to address key issues we have as a ministry. The program was developed over a period of four months. Last year one out of 4 was undergraduate student. So get the college students excited. A promotional video is going to be available, so students would start registering for the conf. so they would not be burdened to make the conf. fee one shot. The registration website will be opened next week. The point of arrival for attending the conf. will be Pittsburgh. International guests are encouraged to advise the staff the point of departure and the post conf. travel plan if they have any. This time there is no leaders or missionary conf. after the main conf. Local chapters are to communicate their ideas/suggestions to Pastor Mark. 

Prayer topics:

- work together for our mission statement as well as core value; code of ethics; revise bylaws as needed; 
- promote the quality of daily bread; senior staff participation is encouraged
- more silver ministers/missionaries going to isolated chapters and supporting are needed.
- nigeria bible center is leaking: $7,300; they also want to register the organization with the government costing about $10k. 

Jacob Lee announced: 
- he suggested two nights three day conf. program in the future. 

Closing with Missionary Sam Zun praying.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 U.S./Canada Senior Staff Meeting (September) Day 1

2012 UBF Senior Staff Meeting (September 28-29, 2012)

Sept. 27 (from Long Beach to Msn. Jacob's house in Maryland)

From Sept. 28 to 29, 2012, Maryland UBF hosted a staff meeting at a place called Sandy Cove. The place is located about one and a half hour to the north from the Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI). Since there was no flight from LA to BWI which can put me in BWI early enough for the evening program, I chose to arrive one day early, so on Sept 27 I flew out of Long Beach to BWI and arrived there close to midnight. Jacob Lee of Maryland UBF invited me to stay at his home. So I rented a car and drove to his house. But on the way I got lost. It rained hard the whole night. Plus, the battery was running out. After about an hour of drive to a wrong direction, through the talk on the phone with Jacob I realized that I put in the wrong address on my GPS system (Waze Program) on my IPhone. Plus the phone battery went dead. I dropped by a Dunkin Donut shop, got the battery recharged, put in the right address and finally reached his house around 1:30 a.m. M. Jacob and Ester were waiting for me, and she served a late night meal with a seafood soup. Three generations live at Jacob's house. The next morning I woke up at 4 a.m. and took a walk at the community park.

Breakfast at Jacob Lee's house

At around 7 am Jacob's family served breakfast. He also invited Missionary Joseph and Mariah Ahn as well as Dr. Moses Park. The previous night Ahn family visited Dr. Moses Park's house. In 1982 Dr. Moses's wife Grace came to UBF Chongno III while Ahn family were pioneering the chapter. There Grace married Moses Park. Moses' Korean name is Chung-soon Park. He graduated from Seoul National University majoring in Civil Engineering. In 1992, Moses went to Moscow and earned a Ph.D in civil engineering. In 1997 he went back to Korea, and started working for the Korean government at an agency called KICTEP (Korea Institute of Construction and Transportation technology Evaluation and Planning.) He is now in the U.S. on a one year exchange program funded by the Korean government studying civil engineering at the Maryland state university. In two months he will go back to Korea. Around the eating table I shared with him the vision for the unification of n. and s. Korea, so he should be able to work for the united Korea, especially in developing traffic, construction, and engineering for northern part of the United Korea. He then said, "North Korea also sends students to Moscow for Ph.D studies.

Airport Pick-up Services for the Guests Coming to Conf.

After breakfast, I took a rest. Around noon time, pursuant to Jacob Lee's request, along with Esther Lee, Jacob's wife, I went to pick up the incoming guests at BWI. She drove a burgundy Toyota, I took my red colored ford rental car. At the airport, I greeted Dr. James and his wife at the C gate. Then Esther moved to the A gate to greet Dr. Henry and his wife Pauline. In the meantime while Esther was at the A gave I also greeted Dr. Bento, his wife Christy To, Shepherd Teddy and his wife Liz. At 3:40 p.m. Dr. Henry and Pauline joined us. We then went to the Parking Lot. At BWI, they charge $2 for every half an hour for parking fee. And in two cars (Dr. Henry and his wife, Dr. James Kim and his wife in my car; Dr. Bento and his wife, and Shepherd Teddy and his wife in Esther's) we arrived at the Sandy Cove at close to 5 p.m. During the drive, Dr. Henry from Columbus Ohio and his wife talked with Dr. James's family who are from Chicago. through overhearing the conversation I could learn what is going on in Chicago as well as Ohio.) On the way, we had to pay the toll fee twice, first $3, then $6.

Dinner Program

About 40 people gathered. It was good to see Mother Barry, Dr. John Jun and his wife. Dr. Joseph Shafer and his wife Sharon also attended the conference. After dinner we met at a meeting place. Mother Barry made an impromptu speech on God's manifold wisdom based on Ephesians 3. She said "manifold'" may mean something (spiritually) like a computer screen with many pixels. Dr. Jim Rabchuck asked how the manifold wisdom can be applicable to us. In addition he asked whether or not it is a 'wise' thing to identify ourselves as the "University" bible fellowship. He opined that calling the ministry "university" Bible fellowship might be viewed as a 'politically-minded' notion. Mother Barry asked the floor, "Does anyone have any answer?" I said, "manifold wisdom" means "His righteousness, his holiness, and his redemption", so it has a direct application to all of us, esp. young college students who are full of youthful passion. Mother Barry then said we cannot ignore the historical aspect of the ministry, for God is the God of history, and the name of the church "university bible fellowship" is enshrined in the historical aspect of God's calling for college students.

The discussion seemed prolonging, so Missionary Jacob Lee intervened saying, "This is a retreat, so let us move on to the next program." Then through his motion, the floor moved to the next agenda that is to celebrate and give thanks to God for Dr. Paul Hong who lately turned over the leadership to three member committee to run the Toledo UBF ministry. Dr. Paul Hong gave an impromptu message. But before he started talking, he could give the audience a short message. I was seated right next to him. I knew that although he said he wold give a "short" message, he wold take the liberty of taking a long time. So I teased him saying, "A great man keeps his speech short. Why don't you limit it to let say one minute." But his message lasted about 5 minutes. His wife Sarah Hong also shared words of grace. Daniel Yang asked him to share any wisdom the Lord might have revealed to him through his service as the director of Toledo UBF for more than three decades. Dr. Paul pondered for a while and said, "I should have turned over the leadership to younger generation 10 years ago."

After Paul and Sarah cutting the cake, and breaking of the bread, Pastor Mark Vucekovich the North American Coordinator presented Dr. Paul Hong a gift (one book on the spiritual leadership, one Bible). Dr. John Jun then prayed and finished the evening program.

Before we went out to do the bonfire, we had a snack time though. During the snack fellowship, Pastor Ron Ward approached me and asked, "Missionary isaac, I heard Downey UBF did terrible things to the three people. What happened?" I asked him, "What do you mean?" He said, "It sounds too horrible for me to say it. I am wondering how this could happen? Do you know?" I said, "Like any closely knit society, in UBF, a rumor spreads at the speed of light, and when the news reaches the other side, it becomes a monster." Then Pastor Ron said, "You are right. But, still I am wondering how that happened." So I said, "Apparently people with young energy had many good ideas, so they met together to share different ideas on the way to serve the Lord, and obviously not all of them were in agreement. I was not in the meetings; I understand Missionary John Kwon chaired the meetings, so you may wish to talk to him." "Okay", he said.

During the bonfire session where I partially attended many Dr. Ben included shared what were in their hearts and sang songs.

I slept at Room #120. The conference fee was $70 per person. The room had three beds (one queen size) two super small beds. Yet Jacob Lee assigned four people (me, Missionary Mark Yang, Dr. Mark Yoon, and Missionary Elijah Park of Maryland UBF). I re-memorized Isaiah 2:12, the day's daily bread passage, and went to bed.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

A tale of two cities (Revelation 101)

In talking to the Apostle John, an angel of the Lord (inadvertantly?) divulged that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

Prophecy is one of the means for God to make known to men that which was known only to God. It is the means for a piece of information to travel from the level of mystery to the level of revelation.

The term 'spirit of prophecy' indicates that there is a common agent working through the ages among all prophets uttering prophecies recorded in the Scriptures. This helps us better understand that the revelations recorded in the Book of Revelation are rooted in and connected with the revelations given to such prophets during the Old Testament era as Isaiah or Ezekiel. We can affirm this to be the case by comparing the similarities or sameness of the exressions used by prophets of variant times.

In the Book of Isaiah, for example, he talks about two cities: faithful city vs. unfaithful city. Isaiah 1-2 According to Isaiah, Jerusalem used to be a faithful city (or the City of Righteousness or the City of Faithfulness) but she ended up becoming the city of harlot (or proostitute, which is symblic of  a woman who broke faith with her husband).

In the book of Revelation, the Apostle John talks about the same imagery, but in a reverse order: once the unfaithful city (or the city of Great Prostitute - Rev 17;19:2) has become the Holy (or faithful) City.

This comparison reminded me of the novel by Charles Dickens, "A tale of two cities" (1859) where he described the life in two cities: London and Paris.

So which city are you living in? We are often told that a believer holds two citizenships: the citizenship here on earth, and the citizenship in the Kingdom (or City) of God. But why did the heavenly voice say to "his" people, "Come out of her" and what does this call mean to the people living in the electronic age?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to overcome the inferiority/superiority complex

In his speech to the United Nations Assembly last night, the President Obama referred to the "crude and disgusting" video on the Prophet of Islam. He also heavily talked about the civiil vs. uncivil ways to respond to those who criticize you.

As a politician he cannot talk about the root cause of the problems people have. He cannot talk about the cure of the physical or mental disorders people (who are hypersensitive to critiicism) suffer from.

What is the root cause of their problem? What is the cure?

The quick answer is "To have faith in God", for faith in God is the cure that always works for those who suffer from the so-called inferiority/superiorithy complex, for by definition faith looks to God, not men, so a faithful man takes his eyes off of peoeple, looks up to God who has made each person to be uniquely valuable, finds his own value before God and men, and thereby remains categorically immune from contracting the disease (infreior/superior complex), because those who feel inferior (or superior) to others do so because they look at people, compare themselves with others (who are all different) and therefore remain condemned to either feel infirior or superior, and cause themselves and others suffer from all sorts of ill-consequences such as broken relationships.

So here is a test for the inferiority complex (I copied from a website -

1. Sensitivity To Criticism:Although people who feel inferior “know” they have shortcomings, they do not like other people to point this out. They tend to perceive any form of criticism, regardless of how sensitively or constructively it is presented, as a personal attack.
2. Hypercritical Attitude:People who do not feel good about themselves have trouble feeling good about anyone else. They look hard for flaws and shortcomings of others to try to convince themselves that they really aren’t so bad after all. These people cannot feel intelligent, attractive, competent, etc., unless they are the most intelligent, attractive and competent person around.
3. Inappropriate Response To Flattery:This can work two ways. Some people are desperate to hear anything good about themselves and will be constantly fishing for compliments. Others may refuse to listen to anything positive about themselves because it is inconsistent with their own feelings.
4. Tendency Toward Blaming:Some people project their perceived weaknesses onto others in order to lessen the pain of feeling inferior. From here, it is only a short step to blaming others for one’s failures.
5.Feelings Of Persecution:Carried to its extreme, blaming others can extend to believing that others are actively seeking to ruin you. If a man is fired from his job, for example, it may comfort him to believe that his boss was out to get him. It allows him to avoid personal responsibility for his failure.
6. Negative Feelings About Competition:People who feel inferior like to win games and contests every bit as anyone else, but they tend to avoid such situations because deep down, they believe they cannot win. And not coming in first is clear evidence of total failure.
7. Tendency Toward Seclusiveness And Timidity:Because people with an inferiority complex believe that they are not as interesting or intelligent as others, they believe that other people will feel the same way about them. So they tend to avoid social situations, and when they are forced to be with others, they will avoid speaking up because they believe doing so will only provide an embarrassing demonstration of their dullness and stupidity.

Read more:

In reading Luke 22 one of the daily bread Bible passages, I was wondering how Jesus was able to keep himself cool, calm, and collected, keeping integrity as the Son of God, not becoming hypersensitive to those who accuse him.

This quest led me to Isaiah 50 which gives us a look at the inside of Jesus during the hours of suffering. When someone strikes you in the face what might you be thinking of your enemy? And how did Jesus react to those who struck him? (Read Luke e to John 18:22; 19:3; Luke 22:63,64; Isaiah 53:7.) And how could Jesus keep his cool?

The Prophet Isaiah answers: 

 Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the word of his servant? Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord and rely on His God. (50:10)

The vision concerning Judah and Jerusalem (Isaiah 1:1)

I liked Obama's speech (esp. the story of Chris Stevens, a member of the peace corps). By telling the story of Chris, I think the Preident Obama wanted to organize his speech based on the theme, "peace", so he began with the story of Chris, and ended with Chris.

Yet some find his speech disgusting.

Why can't we all agree on what is so basic, as basic and fundamental as the call to live in peace?

But I like the Prophet Isaiah's speech best. In fact it is not man's word, but the word of the Lord. In what respect is it the only right message to go by (in this 'modern world' with 'modern technologies' where with one click of a button on your cell phone, you can spread the message of hatred at the speed of light)?

I think the two words in today's daily bread answer the question: Judah and Jerualem (Isaiah 1:1) Judah stands for 'praise' (or give thanks to) [the Lord]. Jerusalem connotes the source of 'peace' as it is written: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those who love you be secure." Psalm 122:6

Knowing and giving thanks to the Lord (unceasingly) is the key to living the life of peace. It transforms the proud into a man of humility, gives the obstinate a contrite spirit, and convicts the rebellious to tremble at the word of the Lord. Then within him peace from the Lord runs like a river. As the world (home, church, streets, schools, work, government) gets filled with men and women of peace, the vision for Judah and Jerusalem comes true - the true vision Isaiah describes at the end of the book (66:12-14). And for those who love the Lord and abides in Him, the vision "has" already come true.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pray that you will not fall into temptation. Luke 22:40

Before his arrest, Jesus asked the disciples to pray that they will not fall into temptation.

This request assumes that prayer keeps man from falling into temptation.

Question becomes: why?

In what respect does prayer keeps you from falling into temptation? Simply how does it work?

The answer is found  in what Jesus did during the hour (moment - we do not know how long the prayer lasted) of prayer, that is, he conversed himself with God the Father.

Three factors are at play:

No. 1 - what you've got (or are going to get or go through)

No. 2 - your re-action based on your will (experience, judgment, likes, dislikes, etc.)

No. 3 - what God has in mind [in you dealing with what you've got] for you in the situation given.

The time of prayer is the time to sort the factors out, and get yourself ready to face the factor No. 1.

Notice that the factor No. 1 is unalterable (or un-avoidable), for everyone has his or her own cross. After all each person has one life to live here on the same planet earth wearing the same body which is consisted of the same raw materials. Remember that Jesus' body is not made of specially ordered materials. His body is the same in quality as mine and yours.

Through prayer you confirm the goodness of God's will in the Father putting you (wearing such a body as fragile as glassware or any earthen ware) through the Factor No. 1, so doubt ought to turn into conviction which convinces you that you can successfully face it, knowing that God never asks you to do (or puts you through) anything without first providing you with the means by which to do what you are asked to do and further knowing that God's sending of the factor No. 1 your way is the step you are not going to miss for it is the step of 'promotion' that will take you to the level where [God knows] you really love to be.

Without this time of communication with God the Father (who is the ultimate source of all that are coming or not coming your ways), you are bound to fall (owing to you misunderstanding or misinterpreting and therefore misbehaving). Satan does not have much power, except the power, wisdom, ingenuity in causing you to misunderstand or understand wrongly God's will which is good, perfect and pleasing "all" the time.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The problem of showboys or showgirls

In Luke 20:46-47, Jesus warned the disciples against the bad examples of the teachers of the law, for they (the teachers of the law of Jesus' day) are the ones who will get punished 'most' severely.

The word 'most' indicates that the punishment (as well as reward) that each individual would be appointed to receive both while in this world as well as in the world to ccome varies depending on who you are and what you do here while in the body.

It is surprising that it is not such criminals like serial killers or sex offenders but peoople like "teachers of the law" who will get punished most severely. Why?

The answer seems hinted in the phrase in v. 47, "for s show".

The scripture says the unseen is eternal whereas what is seen is temporary. (Matthew 6:6,18)

As the teachers of the law indulge themselves in the seen, neglecting the unseen, sooner than later they will go dry, dead, and then damned.


Addiction to Porn - no way out?

It appears that people addicted to porn are present virtually in all generations including that of Jesus, for towards the end of Jesus' career as the Savior, a group of leaders (called Sadducees) came to Jesus with a question on marriage (and sex) based on the scenario wherein several brothers had to share one woman not just a month or two but for eternity.

No doubt that the scenario was their own creation. And the scenario and the assumption they operate with indicate that they are stuck with and attached to that which is fleshly, remaining categorically shut out from the life that lives on the dimenstion that is above that which is fleshly/materialistic. These people are good candidates for contractiing diseases like the disorderliness on sex and marriage. And once they contract the disease and get addicted, they are unable to get off the hook.

What is the solution to the addiction? We find the answer to the question in Luke 20:36, for the answer is couched on the term "children of God" that is the "children of resurrection". Note the equation: COD = COR. Jesus did not stop at saying "they are the children of God". Rather he proceeded to define further what the children of God is all about, that is, the children of 'resurrection'.

When perfection comes the imperfect disappears. When one repents tuns to the Lord and believes in Jesus the Son, God forgives him of all his sins, and puts him back to the relationship with God, the source of infinate perfection. As one remains connected with God the Father who sent Jesus, the child sees the imperfect like sexual disorientedness dissolve. He is set free from all that holds him in bondage. He is no longer addicted.

For further readings: John 8:31; Gal 5:1; John 4:8; 7:38

So what? (Revelation 101)

In Luke 21, as Jesus gives his disciples a sort of executive brief on the things to happen during the period of the time of his departure and the time of his coming again, Jesus made it clear that the disciples (or you who believe) would not be exempt from going through the difficulties hardships ordeals challenges (even martyrdom). In fact he said these will come to you exactly because you believe in Him, as is written: "the world hates you because of me." John 15:19 [Remember: hatred takes on all different forms like the world throwing at you all sort of garbage like a lot of R-rated Hollowood movies.]

Similarly in the book of revelation John describes dreadful events such as persecutions earthquakes pestilences tsunamis outpouring of demonic forces etc. hitting the people living on the planet earth. (For details read Rev. 2-3; 6 - 20).

Question: why does God allow all these to come the way of even the righteous?

The answer is hinted in Luke 21:13, "So you will bear testimony to me."
If something bears testimony to a fact, it proves that it is true. Example usage - The numerous awards on his walls bear witness to his great success. [Free online dictionary by Farlex]
Jesus' testimony (or testimony on Jesus) is either true or false. All that happened to him (like his death and 'resurrection') and all that he taught and did and is going to do or not do (as recorded in the Scriptures) are either true or false. The question is how are you going to prove it as true or false?
We find the answer to the question in Proverbs 17:3, "The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord tests  the heart." Daniel in the book of Daniel passed the test, only to prove that the God he believed in is the only true God. Speaking of the similar effect, Peter says trials and hardships come your way for a purpose (for you) that your faith is genuine, which in turn proves that what or the one you believe in is true, not fake. So they put you through the fires of ordeal, and you come out 'unscathed'!
* Bonus question: why is 'hard' times 'hard'? Answer: hard times are 'hard' in that it is a 'testing' moment. So 'good' times can be 'harder' than the 'hard' times.  Deu 32:15 says Jeshulun grew fat and kicked...then she rejected the Rock (Jesus the Son of God). So fat times are worse than 'lean' times.
So I used to say to missionaries in Africa, "Life in Africa is 'hard', but life in the U.S. is harder." And I have not heard many committing suicide in Africa, but why is it hat I hear the same in the U.S.?

* Another bonus question: who gets benefited the most by you bearing testimony to Jesus Christ, in good times and in bad times, esp. in good times? You? Jesus Christ? Someone else? Answer: you.

So what is the point? If you are stressed out for anything or anyone or any event that hits you, consider the purpose, that is, beearing testimony to Jesus Christ. Then joy will become only complete. Sounds dogmatic?

Kiss me! (SOS 1:2)

A lot of people say, "Oh, I have gone through NDE (near death experience) (or OBE - out of body experience)", and then they talk about what they've gone through. They make a journey report describing what hell or heaven looks like.

But you do not need to pay attention to them for what heaven looks (tastes, sounds, etc.) like.


It is because you find it all in the Bible. One of the places to go is Luke 22:16, for it provides us with the features of God's kingdom, namely:

- who makes it accessible (Jesus, the Lamb)
- how it is made available (the Passover Lamb opens the way to restore the connection/access with/to God's presence)
- why it is so good (coming with eternal pleasures if you will), that is, the intimate fellowship with the Lord (as intimate as the food or drink going inside of you, becoming you).

For further Bible readings, go to: Song of Solomon 1:2; 8:6; Psalm 1:2; John 6:37, 50-58; 1Co 5:7-8; Heb. 10:1-10; Rev. 19:9; Psalm 16:9; Luke 7:45)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Strike out or free run? What about home run?

Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man. Luke 21:36

In a baseball game, some players swing hard, yet get three strikes and are out. Some are given free runs, some steal the base, some do home runs.

Using baseball terminology, Bill Clinton said in his 1994 State of the Union Address:
"Now those who commit crimes should be punished. And those who commit repeated, violent crimes should be told, 'When you commit a third violent crime, you will be put away, and put away for good. Three strikes, and you are out.'"
In giving his disciples an executive brief in regard to the things to happen after his departure but before his return, Jesus said something interesting: escape or stand.

Depending on who you are and what you do "all these things" may or may not happen? Yes, they (all these things like earthquakes, tsunami, etc.) do. Yet, some "may" be able to escape, but some may "not". 

So who escapes, who doesn't?

In the day of Noah, the flood did hit "all" people on the face of the earth. But only a few escaped.
So watch and pray, we are told. Matthew 26:41; John 1:12; 3:16

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Lord is your life. Deu 30:20

September 16, 2012

On September 16, 2012, my wife Rebekah (yes, she is so lovely, and she is getting so every day in an increasing measure) woke up 5:00 a.m., went to a church, spent time with the Lord, came back home, and fixed breakfast for me. The menu? Pancake and a cup of coffee. Hummm…the morning coffee tasted real good. The pancake was made of special brand (I forgot what it is) which apparently was made of “whole grain” which she bought from the Fresh and Easy.

While she was away I too got out of bed though not as early, and had my own QT on Luke 20:20. It was soothing to my soul. I was drenched with the heavenly dew. So I decided to open up a new blog to share the joy of heaven with many.

What about the title? It is Moses’ reasoning for his exhortation for his flock. He lived to be 120. He led the flock of God, multi millions of them, to the Promised Land. And he tasted that the Lord is good. So he says “Love the Lord, listen to him, and hold fast to him.”

Why? It is because the Lord is your life and my life! Thanks and praise be to God for Moses whom the Lord saved out of the water!

May the Lord bless you today, May the Lord save you out of the world which is being inundated with flood waters

They sent spies... Luke 20:20

Luke 20 describes an astonishing discovery made by the searchers. The teachers of the Law and the chief priests sent spies to look for flaws defects or anything that falls short of perfection – in morality in ethics in words or actions of the man called Jesus of Nazareth. Imagine Jesus being examined under a huge magnifier.

In my backyard I see a lot of bugs. To see what they are, every once in a while I catch bugs and put them under a  microscope. Once I did it to a queen termite! Yeooiiii….kkkkk. It was disgusting. Imagine someone coming to you to dust you off. There is no one who is perfect. No one is flawless or faultless. The Bible says there is no one who is righteous. None, nada, nill, or in Korean “hansaramdo upseo!”

But it was not so with Jesus. So Luke 20:26 reads, “they became silent”. Not that they ‘were’ silent, but that they ‘became’ silent. They were noisy on their coming but now they became silent. 

Jesus was faultless. The faultlessness of our Lord Jesus is the source of the true hope – the hope to reach perfection, that is, the hope to be reconnected with God the Father who is infinitely perfect. Sin separates man from God. But God sent Jesus who is sinless. Being a sinless person while on earth, he enjoyed a seamless relationship with God the Father. This is why miracles were commonplace in His life.

Now, the examiners (fault-finders)  were ready to offer the spotless Lamb of God to God, so in and through Him all of our sins would be wiped out, be restored to Him, so that all who put trust in Him can walk in His love and power,  in perfect holiness! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is Jesus doing? (On a long vacation?)

Oh, No!
He is NOT.
Then what is he doing now for "you" who believe in Him?
* Jesus is preparing a room for you. John 14:1-3

* When he is ready he will come. Acts 1:10,11
  1. as he went up, so also will he come down (Acts 1:10-11)
  2. in a cloud with power and glory (Luke 21:27)
  3. every eye, even those who pierced him, will see him coming( Rev 1:7; Matthew 24:27)
  4. to greet all believers (the quick and the dead) home with him (in a resurrected body) 1Th 4:16-17
  5. [on] the Day of the Lord (which will come like a thief in the night, in which heavens will pass away with great noise, the elements will melt away with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up (2 Peter 3:10)
  6. to be preceded by the appearances of false Christs and false prophets performing great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect (Matthew 24:23-26)
  7. at a time which only God the Father knows (Matthew 24:36)
* Then what?
  1. Restore his rule here on earth (Matthew 6:10; Psalm 2, 24; Daniel 7:27)
  2. Then offer the kingdom to God so that God would be all in all (1Co 15:28)
* Then what?
     That is it!  (Daniel 7:28)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UBF House Churches of Africa

[For bigger screen and pictures, click, click, click the screen.]

There are 30 house churches in total, excluding those two house churches that currently pioneering their own chapters that are Namibia(Sh. Victor Abraham + Msn. Betty from Uganda UBF) and Cape Town (Andries from Pretoria UBF and Annie from Namsan, Korea) 

< House Churches in Africa UBF >

Kenya (4)
Kevin + Nancy, Juma + Janet, Wekesa + Linah, Joram + Evelyn

Zimbabwe (3)
Oliver + Renne, Jonah + Rumbi, Shepherd + Primerose

Pretoria, South Africa (4)
Steve + Eulenda, Theo + Sylive,  Abia + MPho, Christiaan + Sarah

Lagos, Nigeria (4)
Abraham + Elizabeth, James + Ronke, Seun + Kimi, John + Aderonke

Yabatech, Nigeria (4)
Duke + Ese, Joseph + Justina, Peter Bimbo, Tunji + Rita

Makerere, Uganda (6)
Patrick + Lilian, Steven + Margaret, Allan + Klaire, Abraham + Connie, Kennedy + Vivien, Edward + Emily.

Kyambogo, Uganda (1)
Julius + Beatrice Ecuru

South Sudan (4)
Oyor Mosese + Mariana, Padiet Deng + Pibi, Philip Angelo + Kimo, Johnson Deng + Rejina  

Monday, September 10, 2012

4 Bible Quizzes You Cannot Miss

Q 1 - What are the two qualities of God that are not visible, and yet are clearly seen?

Answer: Romans 1:20

Q 2 - Why are they dubbed as invisible yet said to be clearly seen?

Answer: Romans 1:21

Q 3 - What are the attributes of the divine nature?

Answer: 2 Peter 1:5-7

Q 4 - How can one acquire the divine nature?

Answer: 2 Peter 1:3-4

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nigeria UBF Bible Center (House Leaking)

For the condition of the University of Lagos, Roof and Ceiling of the Bible Center, click here

Saturday, September 8, 2012

God's Purpose - almost defeated

Do not do it!

Towards the end of his career as the recipient of "the" revelation from Jesus Christ, the Apostle John committed (almost) a great sin (that is worshiping a wrong object of worship), so before himself going all the way, he got quickly corrected, for the angel said, "Do not do it" as he fell at the feet of the angel to worship him.

Refer to Revelation 19:9-10 especially v. 10, "At this I fell at his feet to worship him., But he said to me, "'Do not do it.' I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers who with you and with your brothers who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

The message we get is not as to why John might have wanted to worship the wrong object or how the angel quickly corrected, but "WHY" he said to John "Do not do it!"

Why? The answer is in v. 10b, "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." What does this mean? What does the reason teach us? I think the answer is found in what the angel said: "Do not do it." That is to say that the whole point of the teachings of the Bible as they are handily embodied in the testimony of Jesus Christ (the testimony that rings out of all of Jesus' teachings as well as sacrifices he made for us) is to restore for men the right worship of God, the Father who saent Jesus Christ the Son.

And this (the restoration and instilling in the life of his children the worship of God the Father through the Son) is the whole point of all the revelations from God in and through the prophets and finally through the Son Jesus.

This is true for as used in the Bible the function of prophecy is to turn that which is otherwise not known to men (and therefore remains shrouded in the realm of mystery) to light - the realm of real (or effective) knowledge, for that which is unknown to men stands for mystery, whereas that which has been known to men is called 'revelation'.

Prophecy is one of the means for God to turn mystery into revelation. Just as the same spirit of prophecy worked and revealed that which was hidden through the prophets of Old Testament era, so also the same spirit of prophecy worked in Jesus to finally and fully reveal the purpose of God in sending the Son, that is, establishing the rule/worship of God in God's children. For this purpose, the Risen Lord revealed to John so much, and yet towards the end of John's career as Jesus' apostle, he ended up falling to a wrong object of worship. This is truly embarrassing, but still it is what happened to John and can happen to you and me.

One word: Do not do it!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Uganda UBF Praise Team

One Way Ticket Home

A blind man exiting a train station

This August (2012) I was out of country for one month. The places I visited during the trip included several countries such as Uganda.

Mostly the journey was uneventful except a few wrinkles like (lost an electric shaver, a train ticket, getting off at a wrong train station etc.)

And I am yet to go back home for I write this blog while waiting for a train at a train station.

As I read the words of the day, I was reminded of how we can get lost in our pilgrimage to His kingdom - an eternal home.

Why do we get lost? How can we safely go back home?

Answer: hold onto the One Way Ticket to heaven: courage (or confidence) and hope! Courage to leave what is mundane behind for the hope that is in Jesus Christ!

But Christ is faithful as a son over God’s house. And we are his house, if we hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast. Hebrews 3:6 (NIV84)

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Give me this hill country (The Key to Building the Lord's Outposts)

Abraham buried his wife here at Hebron

Joshua 14:12 holds the key to building the Lord's outposts (or the launching pad on which to build and expand the Lord's kingdom) here on this planet earth.

Inasmuch as Caleb claimed "this hill country", the Lord's people were able to turn an otherwise devil's launching pad (or bunker if you will) into the foot-hold on which to make a break-through into the enemies' territory, turn the hostile land into the Lord's territory,  and build the rule of the Lord here on earth.


- Hebron was built seven years prior to Zoan (Numbers 13:22), the great and important city, used as the capital of the hyksos, who ruled Egypt for more than 500 years. There Pharaoh was holding  his court at the time of his various interviews with Moses and Aaron (about 14 centuries before Christ.)

- Hebron used to be called Kiriath Arba after Arba, who was the greatest man among the Anakites.

- Anakites are descendants of Nephillim (Numbers 13:33).

- The Nephillim were the offspring that came out as the result of crossbreeding between the sons of God and the "daughters of men" (Genesis 6:4), per demonic intervention.

- Hebron is a hill country, nestled in the Judean Mountains and it lies 930 meters (3,050 ft) above the sea level.

- Prior to Caleb claiming the land, Abraham bought a cave there as a burial site, which constitutes a seminal moment in the development of the settlement for his descendants.

- Thanks to Caleb claiming the area, later David came and ruled there for a while and then moved to Jerusalem where the Lord established His rule (temple as completed by his son Solomon).

The message for us today is the spirit of pioneer. By faith in the Lord's promise to be with us, we are called to claim first, then develop otherwise uncultivated (uncivil, and wicked) lands ruled by the wicked, as wicked as Arba and his bunch, developing them into the lands where the Lord rules as the King.

Learn also that in Caleb's eyes, difficult lands are good lands. So do not say, "Oh, this land (campus or mission field) is too difficult to cultivate."