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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The top three major issues of our nation?

The local news paper in Redding entitled "Record Searchlight" carried in the Opinion section an article entitled "Voices of Faith" ( Saturday, April 8, 2017 P. 9A) where a question was asked to community leaders, "What do you think are the top three major issues of our nation?".

The newspaper included opinions of the 5 leaders: The Rev. Helen Cummings, Buddhist Shasta Abby, Mount Shasta; Jim White, lay leader, Weaverville Church of the Nazarene; Jan Lopez Shasta County Baha'i Community, Igo; The Rev. Lynn E. Fritz Centers for Spiritual Living, Redding; and Rev. Gene Crow, pastor Redding Reformed Fellowship.

* Greed, Anger, Delusion (Helen Cummings)

* Sharing the Gospel of Jesus to a declining Christian nation, getting God back into our public school system, and protecting the Church from the attempted undermining of our faith and beliefs by government intervention and the values of the secular world (Jim White)

* A narrow and brutal nationalism, the concept of self-determination, failure of people (into whose hands the immediate destinies of peoples and nations have been committed) to adjust their system of their political and economic institutions to the imperative needs of a rapidly evolving age (Jan Lopez)

* disconnection, disregard, and disparity (Lynn)

* godlessness, godlessness, and godlessness (Gene)

I endorse Jim White.

Click here for the view of Jim White

In this "rapidly evolving age", You-tube offers a useful tool to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus, for there you can find free video programs like The Gospel of John.

'Tonight Aleeza (2 years young) along with her siblings watched John's gospel movie (covering first six chapters) on You-tube and then sang a song entitled "Jesus loves me this I know."

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