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Monday, December 17, 2018

Whole country is looking for a job

A British doctor says: "In Britain, medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man's liver, put it in another man, and in 6 weeks, he is looking for a job."

The German doctor says: "That's nothing,
in Germany we took part of a brain, put it in another man, and in 4 weeks he is looking for a job."

The Russian doctor says: "Gentlemen, we took half a heart from a man, put it in another's chest, and in 2 weeks he is looking for a job."

The Korean doctor laughs: "You are all behind us. A few months ago, we took a man with no brain, no heart, and no liver and made him President.

Now, the whole country is looking for a job!"

Share with your friends, don't laugh alone

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Well Done, my good and faithful servant! (Remembering Missionary Teresa Han)

His master replied, 

"Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!
Matthew 25:21

On December 14, 2018 at 4:25 pm, at the Anam University Hospital, Missionary Teresa breathed her last and entered God's rest in peace.

Missionary Teresa in Brazil finished her race, fought the good fight taking care of three children, many bible students in Brazil, and went to the heaven this morning after struggling with a lately found pancreatic cancer, leaving her husband, three children & bible students behind.

The Lord will welcome her saying "My good servant".  Many people will miss her, but will not forget her beautiful fight in their hearts.

Missionary Timothy Han
Tel: 010 5832 1713
Younnam dong 240-55
Apt. 202
Seoul, Korea

On December 13, one day before her departure, Missionary Teresa's bible student Ataiena RASOARISON gave birth to a son named Jonathan Isaac! He weighed 4.380 kg.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

탈 시궁창 문화

화장실 - 배설되는곳

그곳을 들여다보고 뭐 먹을거 없나 뒤지고 잇는 사람들

환경도 엉망 - 배설시설 호리블

애굽에서 빼서 사막에서 40년
배설의 필요가없이 완전 소화
유지 보존 - 신발과 옷가지

유대광야에서 시작된 혁명
세례요한과 예수 - 성령세례와 능력

거룩한 제사장 - 거룩한불 refiners fire
산돌 신령한집 산제사 거룩한제사장 새하늘과 새땅

튀는 물고기 춤추는 고래

살어장 - 활어장

갇힌 물고기
흐린 물 탁한 환경
부러진 배관시설
순환되지 않는 물
고여잇어 썩어가는 물
삭어버린 배관 시설

들여다보면 움직이지않고 누워잇는 -세월호같이 75도 또는 거의 45도 각도로 기울어져 가고잇는

고기를 떠서 옮기듣지 아니면 빨리 새물을 갈아주지않으면
자기힘으로는 뛰쳐나갈수 없는 고기

아주 클수잇는 고기
코럴리프에서 넘나드는 고기 떼를 보라

물과 성령
말슴 - 많은 물소리
거문고 타는이의 거문고 소리
물깊이.- 발목 무릎 허리 스윔딥
제단동편에서 흘러나와 남쪽 앤게디로
생명이 자라고
강가에서 고기 잡는 사람
온천하 생명이 소성하더라

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

First Love (Restored)

In the letter to the church of Ephesus the Risen Lord walking among the lamp-stands urged the members of the church to restore the love they had at first saying, "You have forsaken the love you had at first. Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first."

First impression:

This call to restore the first love comes with the sense of condemnation and despair, and overwhelming.  Think about the statement saying: how far you have fallen! Yea. That is me! 

The way to restore

Yet, as always, Jesus never asks us to do what we are supposed to do without first helping us to know how to do what to do. And the way to do what we are called to do is found in the word "do": "Do the things you did at first." 

1. Do
2. The things you did
3. At first

* Doing is the key to loving.

This is true with challenges like bodybuilding, singing, or dancing. By the time I reached sixties I neglected exercising. By that time I was overweight, and my body started showing signs of malfunctioning, such as stomach ulcer, sleep apnea getting worse. Since I hated exercising my friend had to virtually drag to a gym and get myself enrolled as a member of his family friends. Then as I started exercise, going through the so called 'light weight training', gradually I ended up liking, and eventually not only liking but loving. 

* The things you did

Doing has to do with the word of God. And I am reminded that Jesus is the Word Incarnate. Doing is eating, as Jesus said, "This is my blood. Drink it." Or "I am the Bread of Life. Break it and eat together." It is practically read the Scriptures meditate and memorize the Word, like reciting and memorizing Revelation 2:4-5. 

* At first

I remember the first time they started serving electricity. I think it was early 1960's when I was attending a grade school in a country village. For the first time the light bulb was there and lit up, making the small room bright. It looked like a miracle. The bright electrical light that lit up the dark room hit me with excitement, fascination, the sense of great happiness, with many wows! And "everyone" loved it. 
But overtime I started taking the electrical light for granted. 

I also recall the joy and excitement with which I started studying, literally consuming, the word of God from the book of Genesis like "In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth.... God saw all he made and it was VERY GOOD!" 


In the east coast there is the Appalachian Trail. In the west coast there is the more famous John Muir Trail. 

By the time John Muir reached 12 he memorized the entire New Testament Scriptures. During the latter part of his life he memorized about 50% of the Old Testament Scriptures. How could one memorize so much? But he did, perhaps by starting out one verse after another, like one line each day. 


It has been said, "Practice breeds perfection". 

A friend of mine sent me a video clip of a dance program. There in young ladies, an old citizen, and small little girls do the joyful dance. The move seems simple but when I tried to do the dance it looked impossible to reach their level. But I guess the same might have been the case with the doers. Yet I gather they reached the level of doing the dance gracefully in harmony rhythmically, enjoying.

Love of the Lord can also be fully restored just as at first, through daily doing, eating it and drinking it every day just like my grandson Joel craving milk. Then life will become full as is said, "Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God" or as has been declared by John, "The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us (and now is risen being with us.)"

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Word Became Flesh

John Muir (click here for his wiki infor) at the age of 12  memorized the new testament Scriptures, and according to Wikipedia towards the latter part of his life memorized (almost) half of the old testament Scriptures.

He was a man of great strength (bodily) and vigor. In his backpack he kept only dry pieces of bread, a tin cup and tea. Eating meagerly he traversed miles after miles, mostly on foot, ranging from the most southern part of the Pacific Coast of the U.S. all the way to Alaska. A week ago after visiting a family in Seattle (Seattle UBF), I and Rebekah had time to visit Mt. Rainier. There at one of the top areas called Paradise trails started. I did the Skyline trail. At the trail head on the stairway was written a line John Muir wrote in his journals.

John Muir endeavored to preserve beauties of nature. He developed the John Muir Trail. It is owing to him that we came to see beautiful parks preserved like Yosemite.

It is said Muir tried to copy the lifestyle of John the Baptist who on seeing Jesus coming to him, "Look the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!"

There  is the disciple of Jesus named "John" who later came to be known as the Apostle John the author of John's gospel.

The Apostle John wrote in his gospel on Jesus saying, "The Word Became Flesh." Jesus is the word who came in flesh. He not only memorized the Word but also lived the Word. And John says He IS the WORD. And no matter what other say, we say, It is Jesus the Word who made beautiful trails like that of the Skyline Trail on Mt. Rainier.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

World mission neews - 4th week Sept. '18

The following is ad forwarded by dr. Jose paul ahn of chicago ubf. 

* Pray for M. Moses Yoon's Korea visiting (9/17-10/3) and later schedules

1. 10/2 Korea World Mission night: M. Moses Yoon will share Latin Mission Journey report together with

- 2018 ISBC report  by S. John Lee (AnAm1) and S. ChoongShin Han (KwangJu 1,6)
- 2018 ISBC Vision Camp Report by S. Hannah Kim (JungReung) 
- Odessa mission report by M. John Lee (Ukraine) 
2. 10/4 He leads "North America Senior staff Meeting" in Chicago
3. He will speak on 10/5 Founder's day 

* Dr. Lee's Memorial Service, United Friday meeting at 6:30, 10/5 in Chicago
Theme: "Have Faith in God!" (Mk 11:22)
Speakers: M. Paul Choi of St. Louis, P. Mark Vucecovich and M. Moses Yoon

*Conferences with high lights (full and official reports will be posted soon)
- Sri Lanka joint conference (UBF Colombo and Kote): 9.22-24 (by Luke Jeon) (See the full report next week) We prayed for 30 attendees but God sent 32!
Title: "You will be a blessing"
Opening: "You will be a blessing" (Gen 12) by Nelson Baek (M. Barnabas' second son). He was not accepted 13 times in college application, but God still blessed him to be accepted in the best universities: Korea and YunSei Universities at last. He also joyfully served GBS and music.
1st message: "Father's great love" Lk 15 by Gideon
2nd :" Father, forgive them" by Ruth. 
Closing: "But seek his Kingdom" (Lk12) by M. Luke Jeon.
* Please pray for Ruth for her recovery from Dengi fever right after the conference. They say the second time of Dengi fever is very dangerous that can take away life. 

*Spring Conference in Pretoria, South Africa (9.21-23) (By James Lee)
We studied three chapters, 1Timothy 4, 2Timothy 2 and 4.
Sh. Mpho delivered the message on Daniel 6. 

Anele, Justice and Thula delivered main messages. And all messages were clear and powerful enough to touch every listener.
Thank God for all coworkers' prayer.

*Santa Cruz 1, Bolivia, Spring Conference (9.23-25 by Silvia)

By the mercy of God, several new members attended.

The main message: "Take your mat and walk" (Jn 5:1-9)
The second message: "Remain in me" (Jn 15:1-11)
The messages challenged many newcomers to take up their fatalism and walk and to remain in the love of Christ.
One of the new members, Rut, a business engineering student said, she attended many Christian retreats. But this time she received a fresh new word of God through the Group Bible Study and the messages. She found herself as the 38-year-old invalid lying near the pond. I pray that she may remain in her desire to know more about Christ personally through each 1:1 Bible studies in this Fall Semester.
Thanks for your prayers.


* Peter Ryu (Mainz, Germany) and Sara Lee (Toronto, Canada)'s House church ceremony in Germany on 9/29. (By M. Hannah Ryu)

We thank God, who has established a new house Church between Peter and Sara!

God gave a wonderful word of promise of God based on Matthew 6:33 by Dr. Peter Chang.

More than 200 guests Form USA, Canada, CIS, Ukraine, and the whole of UBF Europe to bless Sara & Peter.

Thank You for your Prayer. 

*On 10/20. Alex and Natalia (Podil, Ukraine) will establish a House Church in Ukraine.

* On10/20, Jong Hyun Jung (KwanAk 5, Korea) and Hannah Lee (Odessa, Ukraine) establishes a House Church in Seoul, Korea. They will serve World Mission in Germany.

*Please remember in your prayer for our suffering coworkers: (by M. Moses Yoon and Moses Lee who visited them)
-Hannah Koh (HanSung): She stays in a hospital to restore enough strength to be checked on 10/1 in Korea Uni hospital to see whether she can receive a cancer therapy. She memorizes Bible verses and is full of spirit thanking God for giving her time to rest and review her life of faith. Pray that she may receive a good therapy soon.
- Eunice Lee (Hwarang): She stays in an aseptic ward and is receiving Chemotherapy. She suffers a lot because the injection does not work well. She needs prayers for bone marrow transplantation.
- Hannah Byun (KwanAk 3): The surgery for 9 cm cancer was well finished. She entrusts herself fully to God memorizing Romans 8. She has glaucoma in her eye that she needs prayer not to have troubles in receiving chemotherapy. 
- Teresa Han (Brazil) : (9/25 by Sarah Kim): she slept well and ate a piece of apple and 2 spoons of honey. May God give her necessary strength to receive the third treatment. 
YulKook Kee, (Paulin and with 2 babies). The doctors said that he came back to his conscience only by the divine power and grace. Still, his heartbeats are very weak. He prays that God may give him a stronger heart to be able to serve another 40 years fully for God’s glory.
Remember Yesung Kim, Juyoung Kim and John Doty, Grace A Lee's foot full recovery and other suffering co-workers.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A book review: the Book of Ezekiel (Translation and Commentary by Rav Dr. Joseph Breuer)

In the "forward" section of the book the author compares the message of the prophet Jeremiah and the message of the prophet Ezekiel, stating: "Jeremiah prepares for the reconstruction of the Jewish state even as it crumbles (Jeremiah 32). Yechezkel's [Ezekiel's Hebrew name - note is mine] spiritual eye views the eternal sanctuary of God, the eternal city of God, the eternal state of God."

The sanctuary of God refers to the place of worship of God for life as the Lord commanded Moses to build according to the pattern shown on the mountain in Exodus, and as further revealed in Ezekiel 40.

In Jeremiah 32 Jeremiah writes that the Lord God could no longer tolerate the sight of the Israelites committing adultery (bowing down to idol gods such as sun god), that he had to remove them from His sight, thus destruction of temple worship in Jerusalem.

Question becomes: what does it mean to see the face of the Lord and what is its significance?

We can find answers to the question in a few Bible passages concerning 'seeing the face of the Lord' as listed below:
  1.  Moses was afraid to see the face of God. He was afraid to look at God (into the face). Exodus 3:6
  2.  Later Moses said that God was going to hide his face in anticipation of the Israel persisting in their wickedness and in turning to idols (other gods). Deuteronomy 31:18
  3. Ezra said in 2 Chronicles 29:6 that the Israelite did evil in the eyes of the Lord and forsook him. He said they turned away from the face of the Lord's dwelling place (in Jerusalem) and turned their back on the Lord.
  4. King David wrote in his Psalm (24) that the Lord is the creator of the earth and everything and every life in it, that the Lord is the founder of the seas (and mountains). He asks, "Who may ascend the hill of the Lord? Who may stand in his holy place?" He answers, "He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to an idol or swear by what is false." He tells then of the reason and the need for man to seek him see his face and life before and in Him, for He is the God, the Savior, and the God of glory. For this reason David prays to the Lord that He be gracious to the needy, bless, and make His face shine on them. Psalm 67:1
  5. Saul (who after conversion to Christ got renamed as Paul) remained shut out of the face of God; he remained 'lost' so to speak, lost in sin, but by God's grace he met Jesus and found salvation in the Lord, and then said to the Corinthians, the God who said, "Let the light shine out  of darkness" (in Genesis 1; John 1:5), let the light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of God's glory displayed in the face of Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 4:6. (Cf. Acts 9:3)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

At the International Summer Bible Conference at Louisville, Kenturkey, I was assigned to a group Bible study led by Msn. Pauline Park of Columbus Ohio.

The word of God (the Beatitude on Matthew Gospel) was sweet, especially Jesus' word saying, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled."

After sharing my testimony on Saturday afternoon (August 10) I asked sister Naomi (from Kershing UBF, Taiwan; Post Doc on Ocean Biolology) how to write in Chinese "Hunger and Thirst for righteousness".

According to her, here is the way you say in Chinese:


6:30 pm
Jonathan saliuk of kiev servedthe opening message on "your kingdom come"
Matthew 6
(LA UBF served African mission)

D - 2 and 3 (as reported by Dr. Joseph Ahn in his email)

Dear WM prayer warrior!
With your full prayer supports during last more than one year especially during our conference time, The ISBC 2018 has been successfuly finished, Glory to God our King of the eternal Kingdom of God!
These are just a glimpse, a taste of ISBC for those who prayed but could not join. I believe, still, this small updates is better than nothing before we have an official report by ISBC committee! We all appreciate your full participation once again as one body of the eternal King Jesus, "Worthy is the Lamb!" 
*Please keep praying for safe return of our 3000 members especially near 1,000 delegates from 81 countries, 6 continents.

ISBC 2018 updates continued (2)
After morning GBS we heard Kevin Albright's "You are the light of the World!" (Matt 5:1-16). We could see, as God changed and used fishermen, a tax collector, and hillbillies so God has been using thousands of UBF missionaries, shepherds, many members to go and make disciples to near 100 countries as the salt and the light of the world. It will keep going on all the more through our new generation leaders and national leaders! Shine Jesus shine through me, a small candle now but a light of the world soon and eventually as Jesus proclaimed!
After UBF ministries video we heard Rev Ryu Ung Ryul's heart moving life testimony. He revealed God's blessing for UBF 1:1 Bible teachers for his kingdom expansion. All we sow with tears, God has been growing! We will reap songs of joy! carrying sheaves with us(Ps 126), M. Juan Seo shared his sufferings as a kingdom harvest worker in Venezuela, in a different culture even kidnapped. God has been rewarding with abundant fruits more than he suffered. 
In the afternoon, we shared our reflections in a separated 300 groups with tears as well as laughing and joyful sounds.
A special lecture by Dr. Scott Maureau about "culture and ministry" was a great help to all of us who are serving the Lord in so many countries with many different cultures. He reminded us of Paul, To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some." (1 Cor 9:22-23) God has been blessing UBF lay self-supporting missionaries by using them like a kernel of wheat, fertilization, like the succumbs of the earth to grow many kingdom trees!   
In the evening there was a Kingdom Festival with Drama/Chorus was full of the joy of the heavenly Kingdom. The peak was Steven Seebbale's message, "Worthy is the Lamb"(Rev 5) after the chorus with the same title. We were overwhelmed not by a lion that devours but by the Lamb slaughtered. Wow! That was the paradox of the Almighty and Holy God, King of kings, who sacrificed his only Son to save unworthy sinners. We, therefore, shouted with all our voices and hearts wholeheartedly, "WORTHY IS THE LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN!" 
temp_0#562.jpg temp_0#561.jpg

(Shepherd Terry's family with  Japan delegates)

8/12(Sun) high light,
After networking meetings among continental coworkers and GBSs, Canadian coworkers sang a chorus like heavenly angels!
Andrew Christopher delivered "Dwell" (Rev 21:1-8). Holy God dwells with sinners! Filthy sinners dwell with the Almighty Holy God! God will be their King and Father, we will be his people and sons! This is God's vision for all to dwell together in his kingdom worshiping him forever with joy and happiness with no cancer, no aging, no death, no sorrow but everlasting joy, happiness, and satisfaction!

With the UBF mission video, Mark Vucecovich encouraged and challenged all with Isaiah 6, "Whom shall I send, who will go for us?" Anyone whose heart is moved would say, "Here I am, Send me!"  We believe hundreds of our young generations submitted their missionary pledges. May God send many Short Term, Mid Term, and Long-Term missionaries to all nations!
temp_0#587.jpgtemp_0#571.jpgtemp_0#583.jpg temp_0#586.jpgtemp_0#570.jpg
P. Abraham Kim gave thanks to God for all prayer supports to serve God's kingdom last seven years. He thanked God for all coworkers, delegates from Korea and 81 nations around the world for his kingdom conference. He presented M. Moses Yoon as the UBF next General Director. M. Moses gave his inaugural speech as UBF General Director( will post it soon) He shared his kingdom vision as Royal Priests and a Holy Nation to pray for a loving community, Next gene ministry, Lay self-supporting world campus mission and 100,000 missionaries to 233 all nations by 2041. ISBC 2018 beautifully and awesomely finished with P. Abraham Kim's benediction. 
Though the conference was over, the new move to go and make disciples of all nations starts again with the new generations fully supported by the first generation! 
*We saw MBF(123) and HBF(over 150) had their own separate meetings as shown below.
MBF had three times of group Bible study (14 groups with 7-9) and one time of testimony writing & sharing. For all other programs, MBF members just joined UBF programs.  The name of the leaders is Sharon Mceathron,  Shanitra Cooper,  Joshua Christopher, Stephanie Bekit, Nate Bekit, Rebecca Choi, Joy King, Isaac Choi, Tony King, Sarah Yu, Amy Stasinos, Peter Lim, Paul Hong, Tim Mceathron. HBF under Sam Toh had similar programs like MBF.
Dr. Helen wholeheartedly served the whole programs with all her devotion for his Kingdom, Jesus, "Worthy is the Lamb!"
"Your kingdom comeyour will be done!" 

A House Church between Vesssela Kumanichieva and Stephen Krocheski (Baltimore 2) (3.30. p.m. 8/12 in Louisville, Kentucky)
Right after His Kingdom conference, the Lord God established a beautiful house church as Jesus blessed the wedding in Cana, in Galilee. Dr. John Jun gave them Matthew 6:33, "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. May God bless them to be a blessing in Baltimore, USA, and for the world mission by seeking God first. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bible Northeastern Region of the U.S./Canada

Before the International Summer Bible Conference 2018 to start, I and Pastor Elijah Lee of Tongyo UBF, Korea chose to visit coworkers to share faith in the Lord and the vision to pioneer fully the North Eastern American regions including Quebec and Nova Scotia. It was ten days journey covering following chapters:

- St. Louis UBF (Paul Choi)
- Minnesota UBF (Stephanus Yang, Dr. Abraham T. Kim, Shepherd Spencer)
- Ottawa UBF (Dr. Samuel G. Lee) (there are two other chapters, that is, John Jeung, Mark Lee)
- Quebec City 
- Montreal UBF (Philip Wang)
- Toronto UBF (Paulus Cha)
- Buffalo UBF (Dr. David Lee)

In 1983 Summer I left S. Korea for the U.S. leaving Pastor Youngki (Elijah) one of my Bible students behind. I left him with Mark 16, "Go into the world and preach the gospel to all nations." He accepted the word and for the last 30 plus years faithfully served the world mission, by sending missionaries to many nations including the North Eastern American regions. I long cherished the vision to  make a world campus mission journey along with him, thus the visitations prior to the ISBC. 

Below are the pictures/videos of the mission fields:

* Paul Choi's house church

* Minnesota UBF

* Ottawa UBF (Samuel Gideon, Alex, and Rebekah)

- Photo:

- Ottawa Parliament

* Quebec city

* Montreal UBF

* Toronto (Humber)

* Buffalo