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Friday, May 18, 2018

Why this can be our finest hour? (Book Recommendation)

A few years ago intending to read during flight time on my trip to one of the UBF international conferences I bought a book entitled "Grave Influence" by Brannon Howse, but until recently I was not able to finish it.

This book elucidates causes that turn the U.S. away from a blessed nation into a corrupt one, and offers a remedy to the downfall.

It has 5 parts:

1. THINGS are worse than you thought
2. Brought to you by the occult and pagan spirituality
3. Compliments of the apostate church
4. Courtesy of the educational establishment
5. And now from the government-corporate complex

The book presents the remedy as the CONCLUSION citing our Lord Jesus's world mission command in Matthew 28:19-20. In his CONCLUSION he states, "... Many in the Church think the Great Commission is a call to evangelism, but it is not - it is to make disciples. Evangelism is the first of a four-year process."

The book has 367 pages but easy to read, for it is a miniature book the size of 5 by 6 inches and about 1 inch thick. I highly recommend it.

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