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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


6:30 pm
Jonathan saliuk of kiev servedthe opening message on "your kingdom come"
Matthew 6
(LA UBF served African mission)

D - 2 and 3 (as reported by Dr. Joseph Ahn in his email)

Dear WM prayer warrior!
With your full prayer supports during last more than one year especially during our conference time, The ISBC 2018 has been successfuly finished, Glory to God our King of the eternal Kingdom of God!
These are just a glimpse, a taste of ISBC for those who prayed but could not join. I believe, still, this small updates is better than nothing before we have an official report by ISBC committee! We all appreciate your full participation once again as one body of the eternal King Jesus, "Worthy is the Lamb!" 
*Please keep praying for safe return of our 3000 members especially near 1,000 delegates from 81 countries, 6 continents.

ISBC 2018 updates continued (2)
After morning GBS we heard Kevin Albright's "You are the light of the World!" (Matt 5:1-16). We could see, as God changed and used fishermen, a tax collector, and hillbillies so God has been using thousands of UBF missionaries, shepherds, many members to go and make disciples to near 100 countries as the salt and the light of the world. It will keep going on all the more through our new generation leaders and national leaders! Shine Jesus shine through me, a small candle now but a light of the world soon and eventually as Jesus proclaimed!
After UBF ministries video we heard Rev Ryu Ung Ryul's heart moving life testimony. He revealed God's blessing for UBF 1:1 Bible teachers for his kingdom expansion. All we sow with tears, God has been growing! We will reap songs of joy! carrying sheaves with us(Ps 126), M. Juan Seo shared his sufferings as a kingdom harvest worker in Venezuela, in a different culture even kidnapped. God has been rewarding with abundant fruits more than he suffered. 
In the afternoon, we shared our reflections in a separated 300 groups with tears as well as laughing and joyful sounds.
A special lecture by Dr. Scott Maureau about "culture and ministry" was a great help to all of us who are serving the Lord in so many countries with many different cultures. He reminded us of Paul, To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some." (1 Cor 9:22-23) God has been blessing UBF lay self-supporting missionaries by using them like a kernel of wheat, fertilization, like the succumbs of the earth to grow many kingdom trees!   
In the evening there was a Kingdom Festival with Drama/Chorus was full of the joy of the heavenly Kingdom. The peak was Steven Seebbale's message, "Worthy is the Lamb"(Rev 5) after the chorus with the same title. We were overwhelmed not by a lion that devours but by the Lamb slaughtered. Wow! That was the paradox of the Almighty and Holy God, King of kings, who sacrificed his only Son to save unworthy sinners. We, therefore, shouted with all our voices and hearts wholeheartedly, "WORTHY IS THE LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN!" 
temp_0#562.jpg temp_0#561.jpg

(Shepherd Terry's family with  Japan delegates)

8/12(Sun) high light,
After networking meetings among continental coworkers and GBSs, Canadian coworkers sang a chorus like heavenly angels!
Andrew Christopher delivered "Dwell" (Rev 21:1-8). Holy God dwells with sinners! Filthy sinners dwell with the Almighty Holy God! God will be their King and Father, we will be his people and sons! This is God's vision for all to dwell together in his kingdom worshiping him forever with joy and happiness with no cancer, no aging, no death, no sorrow but everlasting joy, happiness, and satisfaction!

With the UBF mission video, Mark Vucecovich encouraged and challenged all with Isaiah 6, "Whom shall I send, who will go for us?" Anyone whose heart is moved would say, "Here I am, Send me!"  We believe hundreds of our young generations submitted their missionary pledges. May God send many Short Term, Mid Term, and Long-Term missionaries to all nations!
temp_0#587.jpgtemp_0#571.jpgtemp_0#583.jpg temp_0#586.jpgtemp_0#570.jpg
P. Abraham Kim gave thanks to God for all prayer supports to serve God's kingdom last seven years. He thanked God for all coworkers, delegates from Korea and 81 nations around the world for his kingdom conference. He presented M. Moses Yoon as the UBF next General Director. M. Moses gave his inaugural speech as UBF General Director( will post it soon) He shared his kingdom vision as Royal Priests and a Holy Nation to pray for a loving community, Next gene ministry, Lay self-supporting world campus mission and 100,000 missionaries to 233 all nations by 2041. ISBC 2018 beautifully and awesomely finished with P. Abraham Kim's benediction. 
Though the conference was over, the new move to go and make disciples of all nations starts again with the new generations fully supported by the first generation! 
*We saw MBF(123) and HBF(over 150) had their own separate meetings as shown below.
MBF had three times of group Bible study (14 groups with 7-9) and one time of testimony writing & sharing. For all other programs, MBF members just joined UBF programs.  The name of the leaders is Sharon Mceathron,  Shanitra Cooper,  Joshua Christopher, Stephanie Bekit, Nate Bekit, Rebecca Choi, Joy King, Isaac Choi, Tony King, Sarah Yu, Amy Stasinos, Peter Lim, Paul Hong, Tim Mceathron. HBF under Sam Toh had similar programs like MBF.
Dr. Helen wholeheartedly served the whole programs with all her devotion for his Kingdom, Jesus, "Worthy is the Lamb!"
"Your kingdom comeyour will be done!" 

A House Church between Vesssela Kumanichieva and Stephen Krocheski (Baltimore 2) (3.30. p.m. 8/12 in Louisville, Kentucky)
Right after His Kingdom conference, the Lord God established a beautiful house church as Jesus blessed the wedding in Cana, in Galilee. Dr. John Jun gave them Matthew 6:33, "Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. May God bless them to be a blessing in Baltimore, USA, and for the world mission by seeking God first. 

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