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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

UBF St. Louis

On the way to visiting northeastern chapters two weeks before the International Bible Conference, together with Pastor Elijah Lee of Tongkyo UBF, I paid a visit to the St. Louis UBF, Missionary Paul Cho and his coworkers.

The Mississippi River is right next to the Bible Center, and there is an inner city park which is the largest in the world.

We had a dinner at the Bible center. Immediately I felt at home at the center, for the atmosphere was like the Mark's upper room in Jerusalem. Missionaries and second gens joined the Bibimbap dinner buffet. Michael shared his love story in Jesus first and his romance with his wife Hershey who is from the William Altobar's at Manila.

After the dinner we went out to the Riverside. On the way we saw the St. Louis Cardinals baseball stadium where a game was going on. The city is known for two things: the St. Louis Baseball team, that is St. Louis Cardinals, and the Budweiser.

At the riverside, we saw the monumental art work, the Gateway to the West. The French government donated the arch which is the largest in the world (?) as a single structure. I was told that this arch is taller than the Eiffel tower in Paris. And the Lord's blessings upon the hands of the prayers offered at the St. Louis UBF Bible center, praying for the Bible America, World Campus Mission.

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