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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No wonder that they call Him Logos

The miracle of Jesus walking on the water can be explained by the Quantum Levitation?

What about the miracle of the Risen Jesus going up into the sky (or heaven if you will) while his disciples were intently watching him going up with zero friction?

Or the miracle of the Risen Jesus walking through a solid wall?

Combine the Quantum Levitation with the discovery that 99.999% of man's body consists of empty space. See the discussion below.

Responding to my question posted on Quora Nate Stewart, idea collector answers:
All matter is 99.9999% empty space. Everything you can see and touch is actually mostly nothingness, even seemingly immovable objects. This is because of the very tiny sizes and relatively huge distances between electrons and their nuclei. If we scaled an atom's nucleus to the size of a baseball, the electron cloud would be about 2.5 miles away. The only reason we don't fall through the Earth is because of the repelling effect of opposing charges between atoms.
In fact, matter is so vacuous that if these oppositional forces stopped working (except on the ground), you could walk through walls, or buildings, or aircraft carriers and none of your atoms would even come close to the atoms in those objects. You would just pass through it like air.
To go a step further, if we were able to eliminate the empty spaces by crushing all these atoms together as close as they are in a neutron star, just a teaspoon of matter in this state would be dense enough that it would weigh 900 times more than the Great Pyramid of Giza and would sink to the center of the Earth like a marble dropped into an empty bucket.
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Frank Tipler (in his books The physics of Christianity and The physics of immortality) maintains that all miracles recorded in the Bible are explainable/doable without God having to violate the laws of physics.

And the Apostle John calls Jesus "logos". Could this mean Jesus is the Author of all laws, principles, regulations, decrees, including the laws of physics built in the nature? Did Jesus perform "miracles" without violating the laws of physics? Or does it matter for we are called to live by faith in Him the maker of all?

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