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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Trust before I get answer

On March 25, 18 Sunday at 10 am
Folsom high school main auditorium - Jesus culture Sacramento
Sunday worship
Jamie gets baptized following service
Today Jamie's 9th birthday
She got a t-shirt saying "through him I am set free".
Leave behind your regrets and mistskes; Jesus is calling.
O what a Savior
Bow down before him
Pastor stating in regard to another young black died  "instead of just sharing opinions through sociak media walk with people coming at their level."

Sunday sermon:

1 Samuel 13:11
The issue of delay

Learn to embrace the time of delay - blessing comes out

In seasons of delay root of trust reaches deeper in deep trust in God to find fresh water. Your irritation with God does not hasten God.

In your intimate walk with God learn to give up your control as you put trust in Him.

Listen to this music
Lisa also got baptized.

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