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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tozer on Worship and Entertainment (book recommendation)

At the end of the back cover of the book, A. W. Tozer says:

"We are saved to worship God. All that Christ has done for us in the past and all that He is doing now lends to this one end."

In John 12 at the dinner party given in Jesus' honor Mary poured perfume on Jesus' feet.  I view Mary's act as an act of worship. But some (especially Judas Iscariot who later would betray Jesus) found this as wasteful act. While Jesus sided with Mary, I think it is worthwhile to listen to experts on "worship".  A. W. Tozer's book entitled Worship and Entertainment serves the purpose.

Published by Wing Spread Publishers
Compiled by James L. Snyder in the form of selected excerpts
The book has four parts:
- Part I: Sermon by A. W. Tozer
- Part II: Worship
- Part III: Entertainment
- Part IV: Essay by A. W. Tozer

Length:209 pages, the size of a notepad

While I encourage everyone to secure the book and read in its entirety, I would like to quote/drop a few lines of the Chapter 1 of Part I, the act and object of worship, below:

"We can admire without worshipping but we cannot worship without admiring, because worship is admiration carried to infinitude.  In the same way, we can honor what we do not worship but we cannot worship the one we do not honor. So worship carries with it an ingredient of honor." [Mary opened the party in Jesus' honor. This note is mine.]

"We can only worship that which fascinates us. The old poet said in an often-quoted passage, "In our astonished reverence, we confess Thy uncreated loveliness."... If you can explain it, you cannot worship it."

"Another ingredient, which perhaps should have been mentioned first, is love. We can love without worshiping but we cannot worship without loving. Then love, when it lets itself go and no longer has any restraints, becomes adoration." [Remember: in pouring the perfume and wiping Jesus' feet with her hair, she was not self-conscious nor restrained. Note is mine.]

[In regard to the object of worship Tozer quotes Psalm 45:11 stating] "Worship thou Him".

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