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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bible Northeastern Region of the U.S./Canada

Before the International Summer Bible Conference 2018 to start, I and Pastor Elijah Lee of Tongyo UBF, Korea chose to visit coworkers to share faith in the Lord and the vision to pioneer fully the North Eastern American regions including Quebec and Nova Scotia. It was ten days journey covering following chapters:

- St. Louis UBF (Paul Choi)
- Minnesota UBF (Stephanus Yang, Dr. Abraham T. Kim, Shepherd Spencer)
- Ottawa UBF (Dr. Samuel G. Lee) (there are two other chapters, that is, John Jeung, Mark Lee)
- Quebec City 
- Montreal UBF (Philip Wang)
- Toronto UBF (Paulus Cha)
- Buffalo UBF (Dr. David Lee)

In 1983 Summer I left S. Korea for the U.S. leaving Pastor Youngki (Elijah) one of my Bible students behind. I left him with Mark 16, "Go into the world and preach the gospel to all nations." He accepted the word and for the last 30 plus years faithfully served the world mission, by sending missionaries to many nations including the North Eastern American regions. I long cherished the vision to  make a world campus mission journey along with him, thus the visitations prior to the ISBC. 

Below are the pictures/videos of the mission fields:

* Paul Choi's house church

* Minnesota UBF

* Ottawa UBF (Samuel Gideon, Alex, and Rebekah)

- Photo:

- Ottawa Parliament

* Quebec city

* Montreal UBF

* Toronto (Humber)

* Buffalo

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