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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Count the stars (Genesis 15:5)

From April 22-29 a visit to S. Korea was made: 1) to attend
the UBF Staff Meeting at Busan (4/22-24) and 2) to make visits to 
local chapter that is: Pusan UBF; Ulsan UBF; Asan UBF (serving
S. Seoul University, Kongjo Chunan Engineering Division, 
Hoseo Univ., Dankook Univ., Nazarette Univ., Korea Tech, and
Sooncheon Hyang Univ.) Yeonhee UBF; Hongik Univ.; and Kwanak 7.

Group Photo - staff meeting (4:22-24)

Staff Meeting - group photo

Pusan UBF
Pusan UBF

Pusan UBF Center
Ulsan UBF
Ulsan UBF

 Asan UBF (Dr. Abraham Donghyuk Suh) serving campuses in the area.

Kwanak 7 (Moses Lee, MD)

Kwanak 7 - entrance

Kwanak 7 - Clinic

Hongik University

Yeonhee UBF

Yeonhee UBF Sunday Worship

Sunday worship message
Dated April 28, 2019

Scenes of S. Korea - late April 2019

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