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Friday, August 9, 2013

Bible Mongolia, World Campus Mission

The Empire of Genghis Khan

After the ISBC, Missionary Yoo Shin Kim and three Mongolia shepherds visited Los Angeles. Missionary Young James invited them so they could stay at  his house at 9623 Quin St. Downey, CA 90241.

Mongolia is 8 times bigger than North and South Korea combined. Yet she has only 3 million in population. And Ulaanbaatar has a little over one million.

Young James' House

The visitors are:

- Yoo Shin Kim (his wife - Maria Kim)
They have two children Maria 2nd grade and Jooyong (meaning the soldier of Christ) 4th grade).
He supports the family and ministry via a trade related business, along with Paul Kwon.
There are two Mongol UBF I and II, and he is from Mongol UBF II. (Mongol I - Matthew Lim who is a self supporting director working at a law firm as a lawyer).
Infor:; 976-9191-3176

Yoo Shin in Korean means "Have Faith In God". He is the only son in the family. His parents were Christians. Upon giving birth to him, his parents took him to their church where the church pastor gave him a Christian name "yoo shin", so he could be a man of faith, believing in Jesus Christ. Later the faith of his parents grew weak. As a result his faith also grew weak. In 1991, he entered Dongkook University. He was invited to Bible studies. He then went out to Ulaanbaatar as a missionary. Then he invited his parents to Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), got them enrolled in one of the local churches. Then his parents regained faith. Now his parents are supporting his ministry through prayer.

- Shepherd L. Natsag (his wife - Enkhzul).  He has twin daughters and one son. He is now supporting the family as a real estate broker. email -
L. Natsag

- Shepherd Uuganbayar. T (his wife - Enkhee) He is the director of a national bank. email - He has one son and one daughter.

Uuganbayar. T

- Shepherd Luvsansambuu (his wife - Uyanga) (email - He is the head of a company importing cars. He has three sons.

Mongolia shepherds are good in horse riding. Actually in Mongolia children start learning horse riding from the age of 5. I asked Shepherd Luvsansmbuu, "Can you ride horse without a saddle?" He said, "Yes I do. In Mongolia we learn bareback horse ride from the beginning." I said to myself, "Wow!"

Last night Missionary Augustine served foreign delegates (Stephen and Elizabeth from Moscow, James Lee from S. Africa, and Caleb Kim from Chongno, Seoul Korea) a special dish called "Genghis Khan". The dish is called that way for General Genghis developed the menu to help his soldiers cook the food and eat it quick and move fast.

So pray for Bible Mongolia, 
world campus mission!

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