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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Paris UBF Sunday Worship

Sunday worship began at 10:30 and ended close to noon, Jan 19, 2013.

Dr. Marc served a message on 2 Ti 1:1-18 the Spirit of love power and self-discipline. 

About 40 plus people children included attended. 

Playing guitar Dr Marc led the worship in song. Before message two persons prayed. Hymn songs and offering followed the message. 

Sister Emmanuel shared a testimony.


She lives with a widowed mother. She prays that by faith she could find a thesis subject on Modern Theatrical Study on her PhD program so she could share the gospel as a professor at one of the Paris Decarte Universities.

After the worship I gave Dr Marc a gift which is a mug I bought in S Africa. Before presenting the gift I said, "Dr Marc this is a special mug I bought for you in S Africa. I give it to you to ask for your prayer support for Africa. Will you pray for and support the African mission?" He said "I will." So I gave it to him. I also took a picture with him to commemmorate the moment

He announced a winter Bible school during the last weekend of January and  exhorted people to invite students. 

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