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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bible UC Davis, World Campus Mission

On May 13, 2013 Missionary Abe Yoon (aka Haengku Yoon) wrote:

"Dear God's servants. 

Thank God for his mercy upon my family, myself, and Davis ministry. 
I finally filed my dissertation today after 7 years of PhD program. 

Thank you for your constant prayers upon our family. 
I am going to have a graduation ceremony on June 13, 2013 (Thursday)
UC Davis, Pavillion. 


To attend the ceremony, I woke up at 5:00 am of June 13. Msn John gave me a ride to LAX for the Sacramento.  Upon arrival at the Sacramento airport I contacted Avis Car Rental. At the counter I showed my reservation. The guy said, "Is super-compact car ok?" I said "Sure" for I had reserved a car that is least expensive. He gave me a car key saying "Go to B-9 and have a nice day." When I went there a brand new Yellow Wrangler was waiting for me. I could see the Lord had ready a special car to celebrate the occasion. 

On arriving at the Apt 5714 at UC Davis Joanna the daughter of Abe Yoon responded to the door and greeted me saying "You have a tree house right?" I said, "Yes I do." Then she surprised me saying "My mom has a new baby!" (Msn Suzy is now 9 months in pregnancy.) I asked Suzy "Is the baby girl or boy?" She said "Girl!"

Along with Suzy Yoon Elijah (5th grade) and Joanna (3rd Grade) we visited a flower shop, bought flowers, and drove to the Hamilton Court Pavillion.

Soon John and Hanna, Andrew Kim and his two daughters (Esther and Hanna) joined. 

Dr. Abe is the first missionary to acquire a Ph.D (in agriculture and resource economics) among all the "missionaries" in the entire West Coast areas, according Missionary Andrew Kim. He began the advanced study in the fall of 2006 and now at the age of 41 he successfully finished the program."

After the ceremony we came back to Dr. Yoon's apartment where Msn Suzy served a dinner for us.

Around 8:30 pm after a long drive through the heavy traffic for 3 hours Pastor Mark Moran finally arrived at UC Davis. We then had a brief Bible study on Ecc 7:14 and Acts 19:20-21 and had a joint prayer.

Life in Sacramento appears to be less expensive than in New ayork or Los Angeles - at the Good Nite Inn located close to the UBF Center (I was told) they charge only $39 per night.

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